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GL Environmental Journalism Training Institute

*Deadline for Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training Institute is
March 16, 1998

This is a reminder that the deadline for applying for fellowships
to attend the third Great Lakes Environmental Journalism Training
Institute at Michigan State University is Monday, March 16, 1998.  This
four and a half day workshop, to be held June 2-6, 1998, at MSU's
Kellogg Center and MSU's Journalism School, will bring together more
than 25 speakers on Great Lakes' environmental issues and environmental

This institute is aimed at training journalists from the Great
Lakes states (New York, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois,
Wisconsin and Minnesota) and the Canadian province of Ontario about
environmental journalism and Great Lakes issues. The fellowship pays for
your tuition, room and board, reading materials, computer training and
tuition. There is no cost to apply. Journalists selected to participate
must pay a $75 registration fee upon notification and acceptance.

Among the new topics to be discussed at the 1998 institute are
sustainable development, nuclear power, biodiversity and forestry
issues. Sessions also will be held on air and water pollution, exotic
species, environmental justice, computer-assisted reporting and other

We expect that the 1998 institute will have an outstanding line-up
of speakers. Among our past speakers have been top officials at the U.S.
Environmental Protection Agency, the National Oceanographic and
Atmospheric Administration, the Great Lakes Environmental Research
Laboratory and other agencies and universities. Among the top
journalists who spoke at the 1996 and 1997 institutes were Casey Bukro,
an environmental writer at The Chicago Tribune; Deborah Potter, former
environmental and political writer for CBS-TV and CNN; Rae Tyson, former
president of the Society of Environmental Journalists; Keith Schneider,
former national environmental writer for The New York Times; Russ
Clemings, an expert on computer-assisted reporting at The Fresno Bee;
David Poulson, environmental writer at Booth Newspapers in Michigan; and
many others.

The institute will consist of lectures, debates, hands-on exercises,
workshops, tours and other educational programs. The 25 journalists
selected to participate will observe pollution-monitoring efforts on
board the research vessel, Shenehon, on Lake Michigan; view
environmental research at the Kellogg Biological Station in Hickory
Corners, Michigan; see one of the Midwest's most advanced solar-powered
homes; visit a Lansing Lugnuts baseball game; and participate in other

The institute is sponsored by the Knight, Gund, Dart and Helmut
Stern foundations and the National Institute for Environmental Health
Sciences in conjunction with the U.S.  Society of Environmental
Journalists, the MSU Environmental Journalism program and the MSU
Institute for Environmental Toxicology.

To receive an application form and more information about the
institute, contact Barb Miller, assistant to the Knight Chair, by
calling 517-432-1415; by FAX at 517-355-7710; by e-mail at
Mille384@pilot.msu.edu or by writing to 342 Communication Arts Building,
Michigan State University, East Lansing, MI 48824-1212. Or you can
download an application form from our web site at
http://www.journalism.msu.edu/journalism/environment/Lake.htm .

To apply, journalists must submit an application form, a resume, a
one-page letter of interest and a nomination letter from one of their
editors or superiors. Application forms must be postmarked by Monday,
March 16, 1998, to be considered for this fellowship.

Very sincerely,

Jim Detjen
Knight Professor and Director of the MSU Environmental Journalism
MSU School of Journalism
341 Communication Arts
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824-1212
Phone (517) 353-9479
Fax (517) 355-7710