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MN Governors forum.

Steven Clift, Board Chair, Minnesota E-Democracy

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Minnesota E-Democracy presents ...            

E-Democracy 98 - http://www.e-democracy.org/1998 - Join Us!
Who:  Candidates for Governor:  JoAnne Benson, Dick 
      Borrell, Mark Dayton, Mike Freeman, Hubert 
      Humphrey III, Ted Mondale, John Marty, Tim Pawlenty,  
      Allen Quist, Roy Terwilliger, and Jesse Ventura.
      (Perhaps more will announce and join us?)

What: E-Debate 98 - Six questions from the public with 
      candidate responses and rebuttals and a weekly media 
      panel. Special citizen-to-citizen interaction 
      invitations throughout.

When: February 9 - 20, Responses and rebuttals every other 
      weekday. Read and participate on your own time at 
      your home, work, school or library. 

Where: On the Internet!  Via E-mail and on the Web.  

      Join the E-Debate 98 audience on E-MAIL by 
      subscribing to the MN-FORUM e-mail list. Send an 
      e-mail message to:


      Leave the subject line blank.  In the message body 
             subscribe mn-forum

 * Join MN-FORUM right now and encourage others to come    
 * along.  You will receive only the moderated events on 
 * the "e-debate stage" as well as important announcements  
 * about other exciting citizen-to-citizen interaction  
 * opportunities.

      Once the E-Debate starts on Monday, February 9, it 
      will be fully accessible on the web at:


      If you plan to be a web-only participant, please 
      consider joining Minnesota E-Democracy's one-way 
      announcement list (we don't send more than four 
      messages a month).  Send a message to:


      Leave the subject line blank.  In the message body 
             subscribe mn-democracy

Host: Minnesota E-Democracy is a non-partisan, non-profit, 
      citizen-based project, whose mission is to improve   
      participation in democracy in Minnesota through      
      the use of information networks.  

      Minnesota E-Democracy would like to thank the 
      growing list of E-Democracy 98 Partners and 
      MRNet in particular for their technical 
      assistance with the E-Debate.  Visit the extensive 
      list of E-Democracy 98 partners on the web.

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Send this to the friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors 
who you think would be interested.  As citizens, this is 
our first major opportunity to hear from and learn about 
the candidates as well as to openly discuss the issues 
of this election and who will lead Minnesota as Governor 
into the next century.  

E-Democracy 98 - http://www.e-democracy.org/1998 - Join Us!

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