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Honoring Senator John Glenn

Dear Friends of the Great Lakes:

	Have you actively sought or quietly hoped for Senator John Glenn's help on
Great Lakes environmental issues?  Have you experienced the positive
results of this help over the last quarter century?  If so, now is your
chance to be a part of honoring John Glenn for his many contributions to
the Great Lakes environment!

	As many of you already know, Senator Glenn will be retiring at the end of
1998.  His departure certainly will be a loss for the Great Lakes
community, but, as he has pointed out, there is no cure for the common

	Throughout his 24 years in the United States Senate, John Glenn has been
the key organizing force behind the Senate Great Lakes Task Force (GLTF).
He has served as Co-Chair since the GLTF's inception and for the last four
years has been the sole leader of the Task Force in the Senate.  In this
role, he championed countless initiatives, large and small, on behalf of
the Great Lakes region with many concrete results.  In fact, he has done so
much for the lakes over the last two decades, that no one of us has kept
track of all of it, probably least of all, the Senator himself.

	We are seeking your help in several ways:

1.  Help fill out the list of initiatives for which John Glenn has provided
leadership or strong support.

2.  Help us document the results of that leadership and support.

3.  Send something creative for an album which we will give him to help
remind him of the difference he has made in the lakes, and consequently,
our lives.

	Some of his larger initiatives include:

  leadership of the annual effort of obtain needed funding for programs
that benefit the Great Lakes environment;

  led the way to include Great Lakes coastline within the Coastal Barriers
Resource System in 1990;

  held hearings on human health effects of fish contamination in the Great

  coauthor and strong supporter of the 1990 Great Lakes Critical Programs
Act (Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative);

  coauthor and active supporter of the Great Waters provision in the 1990
Clean Air Act;

  led efforts to protect against the diversion of Great Lakes water;

  primary author of the 1990 Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and
Control Act;

  primary author of the National Invasive Species Act of 1996;

  primary author of the Great Lakes Sediment Reduction Act (now part of
WRDA 96), and language requiring the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to
incorporate prevention in undertaking a sediment management strategy for
Maumee Bay (part of WRDA 92);

  Senate author of the reauthorization of the Assessment and Remediation
of Contaminated Sediments Act (now part of WRDA 96); and

  Senate lead sponsor of the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act
of 1997.

	We plan to present Senator Glenn with the album during this year's annual
Great Lakes Congressional Reception on March 11, 1998.  A map identifying
the places from which contributors hail will be displayed at the reception.
 In addition, his accomplishments will be recognized at the annual Great
Lakes Congressional Breakfast sponsored by the Northeast- Midwest Institute
and the Great Lakes Commission.

	Once again, please send something creative to include in the album to
honor Senator Glenn.  The deadline for album submissions is March 6, 1998.
Organizations should coordinate submissions by their employees so that
there will be only one submission per organization.  Album submissions
should be not more than two pages in length, and no larger than 10 inches
by 12 inches (items larger than this cannot be included in the album).  If
you have any questions about submission guidelines, please contact Patricia
Cicero at the Northeast-Midwest Institute at 202/544-5200 or

	Please send your contribution to:
		Patricia Cicero
		Northeast-Midwest Institute
		218 D Street, SE
		Washington, D.C.  20003

Patricia Cicero & Allegra Cangelosi
Northeast-Midwest Institute