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Public meeting

Citizens Environment Alliance of SW Ontario: 
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Public Meeting
Wednesday, February 25, 7:00 PM
Windsor Press Club
83 Riverside Drive West
(over Spotted Dog)

Guest Speaker

Jim Fraser
Former Chief Engineer Water Management
City of Windsor

Topic: Is our Drinking Water Safe?

Mr. Fraser will talk about the drinking water supply for the City of Windsor

* The Citizens Environment Alliance receives an average of two calls per
month regarding the safety of drinking water in Windsor.  Many people have
switched to bottled water for home and office.

* Recent news from California suggests 5 or more glasses of cold tap water
could increase the risk of miscarriage to women in their first trimester.
The addition of chlorine to drinking water helps to purify and eliminate an
array of bacterial infections.  Ongoing debate suggests that chlorine in
drinking water increases the incidence of cancer.  Some cities, such as
Windsor, are beginning to use alternatives to chlorine, such as ozone,
however they continue to use chlorine as well.

* Some drinking water purification companies claim that clean, natural
drinking water is a thing of the past.

* Other water borne diseases, such as cryptospordium have caused health
problems and even deaths in communities such as Milwaukee, and in countries
such as Wales UK.

* Before we changed our name to the Citizens Environment Alliance we were
the Clean Water Alliance and a big issue in 1985-1989 was the quality of
drinking water in Windsor and the Great Lakes.  It is time for us to revisit
this issue, as more young families move into the area.

Join Us:  Questions and Answers will follow Mr.Fraser's presentation.

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