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Sediment Inventory - Correction

For those people following the happenings on the National Sediment Inventory, there is a correction to the press release that was sent out this morning, issued by the Coast Alliance. 

The inventory lists the top industry types contributing to sediment contamination ranking as follows:

1. Sewage
2. Utilities
3. Metal Products and Finishing
4. Industrial Organic Chemicals
5. Primary Metal Industries
6. Plastic Materials and Synthetics
7. Industrial Inorganic Chemicals

The list goes on.

The ranking given in the press release actually comes from a draft of the inventory where a more accurate calculation method was used. Industry groups argue that when chemical levels are so low that they can't be adequately measured they should assume a l
evel of zero. Environmental groups working on this issue argued that a level representing half of the level of detection should be used, since in many cases the chemicals are present, however the levels are just too low to detect. This better approximates
 the true amount. Unfortunately EPA chose to do it the other way, using zero, which lowered the total discharge values and shuffled the industry categories around in the final report. The ranking above is what was reported in the inventory.

We're sorry for any confusion this may have caused. 

Jackie Savitz
Coast Alliance
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