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Short Course in Environmental Risk Assessment and Management

This intensive three-day course stresses the fundamental concepts and
principles of environmental-risk assessment and management (ERAM),
including human-health risk assessment, ecological-risk assessment,
environmental-risk communication, and planning and implementing
environmental-risk management programs. Experts in ERAM from industry,
universities and government will lead participants in a mix of seminar,
case study, problem-based learning and group-discussion formats. 
Participants will learn the "how to" of ERAM and apply the latest
innovations in evidence-based decision making and the 1997 CSA-Q850
standard for risk management. 

Designed for: Senior and middle managers dealing with environmental risks
in business and public health; environmental regulators and policy makers; 
environmental consultants and risk assessors. Ideal for Great Lakes

Dates: April 1-3, 1998. 

Location: McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario. 

Presented by: the McMaster Institute of Environment and Health and the
Institute for Risk Research (University of Waterloo).

Tuition: $1,295 plus GST. 

For more information, contact:  the MIEH at (905) 525-9140, ext. 27559;
	ecoenvir@mcmaster.ca;  URL: www.mcmaster.ca/mieh; 
or the IRR at (519) 888-4567, ext. 5900;  irr@sail.uwaterloo.ca. 

Noel C. Fraser, Project Development Officer 
McMaster Institute of Environment and Health (MIEH)	
Institut de l'environnement et de la sante de l'universite McMaster
Room BSB-B150 (Burke Science Building)    Tel: (905) 525-9140, ext.23521
McMaster University 			  Fax: (905) 524-2400
Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, L8S 4K1    	  http://www.mcmaster.ca/mieh