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Exotic Species Day Camp

Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant is excited to announce the following opportunity
for science and elementary teachers and other environmental educators:

                          Exotic Species Day Camp

On August 13, 1998 Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College Program in conjunction
with Shedd Aquarium, Wisconsin Sea Grant, and other members of the Great
Lakes Sea Grant Network will offer a one-day teacher training experience.
Educators in grades 4-8 are invited to learn about  aquatic exotic species
such as zebra mussels, round gobies, and purple loosestrife.
 	Through a hands-on experience using various Sea Grant education resource
kits,  CD-Roms, Internet resources, and training packages, educators will
better understand the impact of these species on the natural world and on
industrial and recreational water users. 

 	With the knowledge gained, each teacher will be asked to cooperate with
fellow participants to prepare a lesson on exotic aquatics.  These lessons
will then be compiled into a compendium of activities, to be made available
to schools throughout the country.

 	Exotic Day Camp attendees can use the new materials and skills developed
at this workshop to help students become environmentally aware while also
fulfilling state science education requirements. 
 	Participants will receive honoraria and free instructional materials that
will enable them to carry over the day's experiences to their classrooms.

The deadline for applications is June 1, 1998.  For more information on this
opportunity, contact Robin Goettel, Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant College
Program, University of Illinois, 65 Mumford Hall, 1301 W. Gregory Drive,
Urbana, IL 61801, ph: 217/333-9448, fax: 217/333-2614, or 
e-mail: goettel@uiuc.edu