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Notice - Northeastern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin Area - Soliticing Exhibitors for the Sustainable Landscape Fair

I apologize for sending this out to everyone on the Great Lakes lists
but I don't want to miss anyone interested in it.

We are please to annouce that as part of the Sustainable Landscape Fair we
are having an exhibit area open to: nurseries, greenhouses,
garden clubs, environmental organizations, gov. agencies, landscape
companies, landscape architects, educational programs, extension
services, authors, lawn care companies, companies selling garden
supplies/tools, sustainable communities groups, land-use groups, bird and
wildlife groups, recyclers, lake associations, etc.

Exhibits include: 8x10 space(approx. size), tables and chairs and

$50.00 (If you are selling something at the fair)
$25.00 Commercial, government agency (no sales)
$10.00 (Non profits, gardening clubs)

Press Release: Please start posting this event in your newsletters,

       Sustainable Landscape Fair  
Northeastern Minnesota/Northern Wisconsin 
       Saturday, April 18th, 1998
             9:00am - 4:00pm

at: Marshall School
     1215 Rice Lake Rd.
     Duluth, Minnesota

Free event: speakers, exhibits, student exhibit area, flower seed give-away
and doorprizes. Space is still available for exhibits - varying

Keynote speaker to be announced.

Partial List:
Topics: Landscaping for Birds, Wildlife and Butterflies by Bob Heller
            Foraging Edible foods by Mark Stensaas
            Shoreland Landscaping by Jean Pitt
            Container/Wall Gardening by Kathy Loke
            Urban Forests/Green Spaces by Bill Maier
            Endangered Plants Found in N. MN and N. WI by Gary Walton 
            Landscape Design
            Pest/Weed Indentification
            Landscaping Difficult areas(foundations, hills, under trees)
            Alternative ground covers
            Alternatives to pesticides
Major Sponsors:
City of Duluth, Western Lake Superior Sanitary District, Great Lakes
Aquatic Habitat Fund, Duluth Community Garden Program, Legislative
Commission on Minnesota Resources, Environmental Association for Great
Lakes Education, American the Beautiful Fund

Supporting Sponsors:
Park State Bank,  Northern Lights Landscaping, Tales to Tell Bookstore,
Lake Superior Center, Clean Water Action, City of Superior 

For more information and a list of topics, speakers and sponsors contact:

Debbie Ortman at 218-726-1828
or lakes@cp.duluth.mn.us