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MN Precinct Caucuses - Resolutions

I apologize if you do not live in Minnesota and are receiving this message.

Join your friends and neighbors for your 1998 precinct caucus, 
Tuesday, March 3 - Precinct Caucuses for DFL, Reform, Green Party and
Republican parties start at 7 pm

http://www.state.mn.us/ebranch/sos/caucus.html   (good, but 1996-ish)
http://www.state.mn.us/ebranch/sos/vr98.html (gen.1998 MN electioninfo)

Your precinct caucus is a neighborhood meeting.  You will 
discuss and vote on resolutions brought by you or others to be considered
at the next convention, conduct a straw poll on your preference of who
should run for various offices, and select delegates to attend your county
unit convention.

Who:  You can attend your  precinct caucus if you are 18 years of age  and
will be eligble to register to vote on Nov. 3, 1998, and are in 
general agreement with a parties principles (no previous party 
affiliation is required).

To find our where your caucus is being held, check your local 
paper or call the Minnesota DFL Party at 1-800-999-7457 or
call your local city clerk or township clerk:
Cook               218-387-2282
Lake               218-834-8317
St. Louis           218-726-2000 

If you have resolutions, please send them to me and I will send them out.

1) RESOLUTION: **Renewable Energy Transition Resolution**

WHEREAS, Minnesota's system of generating electricity degrades the
environment and threatens human health, with 68% of generation coming
from coal burning, which releases unregulated amounts of mercury and
carbon dioxide along with other pollutants, and 14% coming from nuclear
power creating toxic nuclear waste.

THEREFORE, to protect our environment, health and safety, Minnesota must
make an energy transition that would include provisions that:

1) Require a steadily increasing percentage of our electricity come from
sources of renewable power, reaching 20% by the year 2010;

2)Require significant utility investments in conservation programs;

3) Clean up or close down old coal plants that do not meet modern day
environmental standards;

4) Disclosure to the source of their electricity.


Whereas: Senator Doug Johnson is out of step with mainstream DFL values

Whereas: Doug Johnson publicly opposed the DFL endorsed candidate for
Senate in the last election;

Whereas: Doug Johnson works to divide people, rather than seek common ground;

Whereas: Doug Johnson does not support large sectors of the region's 
commercial sector, especially tourism;

Whereas: Doug Johnson's nomination would virtually guarantee the election
of a Republican as Minnesota's next governor;

Be it resolved: That this caucus goes on record urging Senator Doug 
Johnson not to seek the DFL nomination for governor.

3) Resolution:

Be it resolved that the DFL believes the acquisition of the USS Des Moines
is an inapproporiate use of scarce public resources, is a wasteful use of
valuable Bayfront property and is contrary to the wishes of the people of
Duluth; and that the DFL opposes any legislative support for the Des Moines
and encourages elected representatives at all levels of government to voice
their strong opposition to the Des Moines Project.