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anti-SLAPP bill


The anti-SLAPP language is in the conference report for HB 1021. The
four conferees are Ralph Foley (R) Martinsville, Alevizos (D) Michigan
City, Sue Landske (R) Cedar Lake (Lake County), and Bill Alexa (D)
Valparaiso. It is expected that all of them will sign the report tonight
and tomorrow morning. There is good reason to believe that there is a
good chance it will be adopted by both houses. I would still urge you to
put in calls to your legislators and urge them to vote for it.

Phone Numbers
Indiana House of Representatives    Indiana State Senate
800-382-9841 (GOP)                  800-382-9467
800-382-9842 (DEMO)                 317-232-9400

Bill Hayden