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Honoring Senator John Glenn

********* REMINDER ************

The deadline for submitting a letter of recognition/artwork/photo/etc.
honoring Senator Glenn for his dedication to the Great Lakes region is
Friday, March 6.  The announcement containing the details is provided below.

Please contact me (202/544-5200 or patricia.cicero@nemw.org) if you have
any questions.

Thank you!
Patricia Cicero

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>Dear Friends of the Great Lakes:
>	Have you actively sought or quietly hoped for Senator John Glenn's help on
>Great Lakes environmental issues?  Have you experienced the positive
>results of this help over the last quarter century?  If so, now is your
>chance to be a part of honoring John Glenn for his many contributions to
>the Great Lakes environment!
>	As many of you already know, Senator Glenn will be retiring at the end of
>1998.  His departure certainly will be a loss for the Great Lakes
>community, but, as he has pointed out, there is no cure for the common
>	Throughout his 24 years in the United States Senate, John Glenn has been
>the key organizing force behind the Senate Great Lakes Task Force (GLTF).
>He has served as Co-Chair since the GLTF's inception and for the last four
>years has been the sole leader of the Task Force in the Senate.  In this
>role, he championed countless initiatives, large and small, on behalf of
>the Great Lakes region with many concrete results.  In fact, he has done so
>much for the lakes over the last two decades, that no one of us has kept
>track of all of it, probably least of all, the Senator himself.
>	We are seeking your help in several ways:
>1.  Help fill out the list of initiatives for which John Glenn has provided
>leadership or strong support.
>2.  Help us document the results of that leadership and support.
>3.  Send something creative for an album which we will give him to help
>remind him of the difference he has made in the lakes, and consequently,
>our lives.
>	Some of his larger initiatives include:
>  leadership of the annual effort of obtain needed funding for programs
>that benefit the Great Lakes environment;
>  led the way to include Great Lakes coastline within the Coastal Barriers
>Resource System in 1990;
>  held hearings on human health effects of fish contamination in the Great
>  coauthor and strong supporter of the 1990 Great Lakes Critical Programs
>Act (Great Lakes Water Quality Initiative);
>  coauthor and active supporter of the Great Waters provision in the 1990
>Clean Air Act;
>  led efforts to protect against the diversion of Great Lakes water;
>  primary author of the 1990 Nonindigenous Aquatic Nuisance Prevention and
>Control Act;
>  primary author of the National Invasive Species Act of 1996;
>  primary author of the Great Lakes Sediment Reduction Act (now part of
>WRDA 96), and language requiring the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to
>incorporate prevention in undertaking a sediment management strategy for
>Maumee Bay (part of WRDA 92);
>  Senate author of the reauthorization of the Assessment and Remediation
>of Contaminated Sediments Act (now part of WRDA 96); and
>  Senate lead sponsor of the Great Lakes Fish and Wildlife Restoration Act
>of 1997.
>	We plan to present Senator Glenn with the album during this year's annual
>Great Lakes Congressional Reception on March 11, 1998.  A map identifying
>the places from which contributors hail will be displayed at the reception.
> In addition, his accomplishments will be recognized at the annual Great
>Lakes Congressional Breakfast sponsored by the Northeast- Midwest Institute
>and the Great Lakes Commission.
>	Once again, please send something creative to include in the album to
>honor Senator Glenn.  The deadline for album submissions is March 6, 1998.
>Organizations should coordinate submissions by their employees so that
>there will be only one submission per organization.  Album submissions
>should be not more than two pages in length, and no larger than 10 inches
>by 12 inches (items larger than this cannot be included in the album).  If
>you have any questions about submission guidelines, please contact Patricia
>Cicero at the Northeast-Midwest Institute at 202/544-5200 or
>	Please send your contribution to:
>		Patricia Cicero
>		Northeast-Midwest Institute
>		218 D Street, SE
>		Washington, D.C.  20003
>Patricia Cicero & Allegra Cangelosi
>Northeast-Midwest Institute