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Action Alert - please sign on

>The National Park Service is considering rules to regulate jetskis in our
>Parks. Unfortunately, as a result of heavy industry pressure, they have
>completely backed away from proposed tough regulations and it appears that
>jet skiing will continue virtually unabated or even increase! Ironically,
>even the current snowmobile regulations in National Parks will be far
>tougher than the proposed jet ski regs!! However, the proposed regulations
>are open for public comment for eight weeks, starting shortly. We hope to
>put 10,000 names of opposition into the official comment period, so PLEASE
>Letter to the National Park Service
>Dear Mr. Burnett,
>We, the undersigned citizens of the United States wish to express our
>strong opposition to the use of jet skis in our National Parks. The
>negative impacts of jet skis have been well documented and include: (1) the
>disturbance of peaceful recreation to Park users including campers,
>fishers, hikers, etc., due to the aggravating, high pitched noise
>associated with this craft (2) threats to wildlife including harassment and
>injury of ducks, swans, endangered manatees, turtles, loons and other
>species, (3) extreme danger to swimmers and other boaters in the Parks due
>to the inherent danger associated with the stunt-oriented nature of jet
>skis. Jet skis are responsible for 50% of all boating injuries despite
>representing only about 10% of all boating registration, (4) ecosystem
>damage from the two-stroke motors which they employ, which dump 25% of all
>their unburned fuel and oil into Park waters. A two hour ride on a single
>jet ski can spill enough gas and oil to cover an eight acre pond.
>Please abandon your currently proposed regulations which give Park
>Superintendants the right to make their own determinations without even
>holding public hearings or public comment periods for local park users.
>Such a process subjects Superintendants to a great deal of pressure from
>individual jet ski users as well as the jet ski industry with only minimal
>guidance from the National Park Service or any input by the majority of a
>Parks users. Instead, please revise your regulations to include (1) an
>interim regulation that will ban all jet ski use in the Parks until such
>time as a final rule is promulgated, and (2) write a new regulation which
>will use the same tough "special regulation" process that is used for
>snowmobiles, and which includes public hearings and public comments PRIOR
>to allowing any jet ski use at an individual park. Such a comment period
>must include full analysis of all impacts to the environment, other users,
>wildlife, and safety.
>Please record each of our names individually as opposed to the currently
>proposed regulations.
>Thank you.
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>(3) If you happen to be the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, etc. signer of this
>petition, please forward a copy to the National Park Service at:
>with a copy to us at jetskis@igc.org (we'll make SURE the Park Service gets
>your name!!)
>Here it goes:
>(1) Russell Long, San Francisco, Calif. / rlong@igc.org
>(2) Sally Ann Lentz, Clarksville, MD/oceanadvocates@mindspring.com
>Russell Long, Ph.D.
>phone: 415 788 3666
>fax: 415 788 7324
>email: rlong@earthisland.org