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Environment NEWS!!!!

>From the Citizens Environment Alliance of Southwestern Ontario (CEA)

Nominations now being accepted for the 1997 WEENIE Award and

The WEENIE Award draws attention to those organizations, industries and
governments who,  in the past year, have not lived up to expectations by
mis-informing, obfuscating, and prognosticating on programmes, policies and
behaviour towards our Mother Earth.  The awards are particularly focused on
the ecosystem of southwestern Ontario and the transboundary area of
southeastern Michigan. However, global perpetrators of environmental
degradation can also be fingered if their functions have an impact on our
local communities.

The word WEENIE was coined at the first presentation in 1987, when hotdogs
on sticks were used to highlight the proportion of chemical spills from each
industrial site in the Sarnia Chemical Valley, this was at the time of the
infamous "BLOB".  Other WEENIE's have been presented to local auto scrap
dealer Zalev in 1988, former Mayor of Detroit Coleman Young for the
Detroit Incinerator in 1989, the federal cabinet of Canada for refusing to
conduct an environmental assessment of the BTI barge operation in the
Detroit River in 1990, and the Executive Director of the Canadian
Broadcasting System (CBC) for the decision to close the local CBC TV station
in 1991.    

The 1996 winner of the WEENIE was Norm Sterling the Ontario Minister of the
Environment.  The WEENIE award is presently a model of an incinerator with
all kinds of garbage and manufacutured products lying around it.  The model
was produced by A.G. Smith of ARTCITE (Windsor).

Each WEENIE winner, whether it be a individual, a business or corporation,
a government official, or a politician, will have their name placed on the
AWARD for all to see.  ENVIRO-Achievement winners receive a certificate for
their outstanding contribution to the environment, whether it be activism,
regulation, revelation, education or journalism, and is to be hung in a
prominent place for all to see.  

This years WEENIE and ENVIRO-Achievement Award presentations  will be made
at the Citizens Environment Alliance Annual General Meeting, March 18, 7:00
PM at the Windsor Press Club, 83 Riverside Drive West over the Spotted Dog.
Nominations will be announced prior to the AGM.  So send us your favourite
losers and winners,  with a brief explanation of why you are choosing them,

Call the CEA 519-973-1116 for further information.
or e-mail riccawu@mnsi.net (GreenPlanet) or cea@mnsi.net

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