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Report on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement

     I'm putting together a brief article on the "United States Great Lakes 
     Program Report on the Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement" issued by 
     EPA's GLNPO in December. I'm trying to get a comment from at least one 
     nonprofit organization, state agency, or POTW that is familiar with 
     the report.
     If you or any of your staff have read the report, I would appreciate 
     any comments you have about it regarding its content, accuracy, or 
     value to your organization or the general public. My deadline in March 
     13, so please call or e-mail me with comments, including your full 
     name, organization, city, and state, as soon as possible. Thank you.
     Tara Hun

     Staff Writer                               p(703) 684-2400 ext. 7552
     Water Environment Federation               f(703) 684-2492
     601 Wythe Street                           e-mail thun@wef.org
     Alexandria, VA  22314                      http://www.wef.org