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Boozhoo Niigii! Can anyone help?

I am a "lost bird" who lives in the Pacific N.W. on an Island in Puget
Sound near Seattle, Wa. Some of my Ancestors lived in the Great Lakes
areas...Thunder Bay,Ontario, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Illinois. I am always
looking for "Fergusons" with Ojibwa roots. My G.G. Grandfather married an
Ojibwa woman named "Lightbody". My other G. Grandfather, Riehl, was from
Illinois territory and from Indian ancestory. I still have an Indian honors
medal from him. Anyway, I don't know if any of your lists would serve me. I
just wanted to ask if anyone you know has FERGUSON OR RIEHL ANCESTORS OR
REMEMBERS A YOUNG GIRL NAMED SUSHAWNA? Sushawna comes to me when I dance in
full regalia...traditionally...at Powwows in my area.She is always dressed
traditionally, comes to me and hugs me, and disappears! She always blesses
my heart deeply. I am sincere in finding any relations. Thank-you for your
time. Walk in Beauty...Spiritdove.