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NEW Earth Charter Website on-line


The global Earth Charter Consultation process now has its own home
on the Internet.  The new website

provides a detailed and comprehensive picture of escalating Earth 
Charter activity around the world.  

The site is coordinated from the headquarters of the Earth Council (the
international secretariat for the campaign) in San Jose, Costa Rica and
is intended to serve as a gateway or central access point to related
sites being created by national Earth Charter committees and partner
organizations around the world.  

Earthcharter.org features background information on the consultation
process, the text of the Earth Charter Benchmark Draft (now available in
six languages), information on national Earth Charter campaigns or
related activities, frequently asked questions about the Earth Charter,
biographies of Earth Charter Commission members and links to related

The site also contains a growing selection of multimedia clips
(RealPlayer required), and an on-line forum where people can discuss
new initiatives, post their own announcements, or ask questions related
to the project. 

Visitors to the website with multimedia computers shouldn't miss a
recent video interview with Maurice Strong on his vision for a "People's
Earth Charter."  Mr. Strong is Chairman of the Earth Council and
Co-Chair of the Earth Charter Commission.  The interview was conducted
at the Earth Council headquarters in Costa Rica on March 5, 1998 and can
be found at: 


(RealPlayer required - you can download it free from our site...)

We look forward to your participation in this global campaign and hope
to hear from you in the on-line forum.   If you would like more specific
information on how you or your organization can become involved in the
consultation process or how you can contribute to this website, please 
contact Mirian Vilela, Earth Charter Project Coordinator, at tel: +506-256-1611;
fax: 506-255-2197; email: echarter@terra.ecouncil.ac.cr