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Ont. Hydro wins WEENIE


March 19, 1998


Ontario Hydro "nuked out" both John Engler, Governor of Michigan,  and
Premier Mike Harris of Ontario,  for the 1998 WEENIE Award.  The infamous
prize was awarded to Ontario Hydro at the Citizens Environment Alliance
Annual General Meeting, at the Windsor Press Club, Wednesday night.

There were eight nominations for the WEENIE.  Such notables as Federal
Finance Minister Paul Martin, Ontario Minister of Environment Norm Sterling
and BASF Chemical were also on the list of nominees, as was Hydro's
counterpart in Michigan, Detroit Edison.    The list was reduced by the
consensus of the crowd to Ontario Hydro, John Engler and Mike Harris.  In
the end Ont. Hydro got the most hoots and hollers and were awarded the prize.

In the wake of the damming report of Ontario Hydro's incompetence and
neglect, regarding safety and maintainance,  they were forced to shut down 7
nuclear reactors.  A temporary set back according to Hydro.  Now, Hydro has
embarked on a $22 billion plan ro revive its sagging nuclear fortunes and
all 20 reactors; making the world safe once again for CANDU technology.
This phased recovery plan will expose the people of Ontario to more coal in
the interim, and future domination by the nuclear dictatorship.

An additional reason for Ontario Hydro's bad environmental profile this year
year is their intention to test the feasibility of using highly carcinogenic
Mixed Oxide Fuel (MOX) in Ontario CANDU reactors.  The decision Tuesday to
mothball 2 reactors at Bruce,  at least for five years, left the
communities, such as Kincardine, dependent on the Bruce workers,  gasping
for economic air.  "For reasons beyond our understanding, there seems to be
no future economic plan, green or otherwise, for survival," stated Pat
Schincariol, President of the Citizens Environment Alliance.  "Where is
Ontario Hydro's responsibility to these communities?"

"All three parties of the Ontario Legislature should be boiled in oil for
allowing this Crown Corporation (Ontario Hydro) to run amok with reckless
abandon and financial folly, said CEA Research Coordinator, Rick Coronado.  

Each year the WEENIE is awarded to the overall worst environmental
performer, in terms of communications, behaviour, and actions.  On the
positive side 8 Enviro-Achievement Awards were given out Wednesday night for
both group and individual contributions to a clean, safe and healthy

Ontario Hydro's name will be inscribed on the WEENIE Award for 1998.   A
of the WEENIE and news release will be sent to the current Ontario Hydro Chair.


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