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By popular request:  For those of you who did not see the local coverage,
here are the Enviro-Achievers recognized by Citizens Environment Alliance
(CEA) at our awards event March 18.

Each year the WEENIE is awarded to the overall worst environmental
performer, in terms of communications, behaviour, and actions.  On the
positive side 8 Enviro-Achievement Awards were given out Wednesday night for
both group and individual contributions to a clean, safe and healthy



ROOM Magazine (Windsor & Region)

ROOM has made environmental issues and CEA activities their own.
Environment stories and reports of CEA activities fill the pages of ROOM and
add a new dimension for getting the word out to the local community.  ROOM
also prints  a regular column on news from the South Coast, the Windsor &
Area Social Justice and Ecological newsletter.  Their new format makes ROOM
a very serious contender as the best printed alternative medium in Windsor &

Curt Guyette (Metro Times-Detroit)

Investigative Reporter with Metro Times (Detroit) regularly attends
Downriver Citizens and CEA toxic tours, he also covered the breaking news
(August "battle of the Detroit River") of the Detroit River Remedial Action
Plan collapse and the International Joint Commission's Status Assessment of
this area of concern in a major article for Metro Times.  and the tragedy of
the environmental injustice at Fox Creek.  

Flipside WWW (Creator Jim Winter U/Windsor Communications Studies)

Jim has created a new alternative electronic news bulletin..  He covers
social justice, politics, media and environment, adding another method of
getting the real story in Windsor and southwest region.

Pat Schincariol (Citizens Environment Alliance) 

Pat has brought order and professionalism to the CEA since she became the
Office Manager in 1997.  Without Pat's amiable way and friendly smile the
CEA would not get the word out in the same efficacious manner.  Pat also
represents the CEA on the Friends of Peche Island Committee, and the Windsor
Environmental Advisory Committee.  Pat has now volunteered to be the
President for the CEA in 1998 and give other staff more opportunity to spend
time on grant applications and research.  Lottery Calendar.

Pegg Roberts (Fox Creek)

Pegg has been involved in an environmental justice fight to clean up
Foxcreek in east Detroit.  Foxcreek represents the border between rich Gross
Pointe Woods and the low income black population of east Detroit.  She is
intense and does not back down in her commitment to the Foxcreek community.
She fought for compensation for her community that has suffered years of
pollution and sewage flooding into from Foxcreek when it overflows from
heavy rains.  She also recently helped to save a neighbourhood park for
residence and their children.

Amherstburg Concerned Citizens Group 

Margaret Dixon and Jean Bertrand formed a group of concerned residence from
their neighbourhood to fight the siting and operations of a plastic recycler
in Amherstburg.  The recycling operation (Enviro-Tech) had burned down in
Windsor and then moved to Fort Street in Amherstburg almost across the
street from a local secondary school.  Their perseverance has paid off the
Enviro-Tech facility has started to clean up its operations, which were
causing stress and discomfort to residence in the area.  Their fight with
Enviro-Tech was heightened by the Plastimet plastic fire in Hamilton and the
fact that the MOE had not been forthcoming in assistance or information.

The fight is not over yet, as Jean and Margaret work with the CEA to review
existing regulations that allow recycling operations to be exempt of COA's
as required by other industrial facilities in Ontario.  Also they feel the
town of Amherstburg has been culpable in this situation and continue to
fight city hall indifference.

Jan Ciborowski (Great Lakes Institute for Environmental Research) GLIER

Jan was the spark plug for the organizing committee of the recent highly
successful CEA/GLIER Habitat Conference at the University of Windsor.  He
put endless hours into making sure that the conference went off without a
hitch; writing letters of request for funding and seeking to secure
sponsors.  He is also very active in the Water Quality Board of the IJC and
brings to his work an amiable attitude and helping hand.  He is now planting
ideas for our next conference when he returns from summer holidays

Mike Keegan (Citizens Resisting Against Fermi 2) CRAFT

What can be said about Mike Keegan, he has been since the early 80s,  almost
the sole voice of reason in his home town of Munroe Michigan in trying to
close the error and accident plagued Fermi 2 reactor.  Mike has been a
Member at Large for the CEA since we first met him in 1986, by providing us
with timely information and documents he has been instrumental in providing
the CEA and residents Amherstburg and SW Ontario with education and
awareness about Fermi 2 and nuclear issues in general.  Mike is the Chair of
the Nuclear Free Great Lakes group and also very active in organizing CRAFT.
Mike is knowledgeable about nuclear issues, comes to meetings at a moments
notice and has been instrumental in fighting Detroit Edison and its
controlling shareholders to close down the big money loser at Fermi 2.  Mike
is also a member of DON'T WASTE Michigan an energy alternative advocate
group.  He also has been helping to organize the fight to stop plutonium
shipments to Canada.

Stewart Moore (posthumous award)

A naturalist and long time supporter of the environmental movement and the CEA.
Presented to his wife Helen Moore.

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