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Great Lakes Women's Leadership Network Directory is available.

We are pleased to annouce that the Great Lakes Women's Leadership Network
Directory is available online and in hard copy.

Online it is listed by  lake (Erie, Huron, Michigan, Ontario 
and Superior), and there are also listings for "All the Great Lakes", 
the "St. Lawrence Seaway" and "Male Contacts" who have 
asked to be listed in the directory.

Online, you can access it through our main website at:

To order a hard copy, please email, making sure you 
list your name and complete address.including zip code. 

We are presently working to secure  funding for a new project. 
This will allow the  Great Lakes Women's Leadership Network to 
expand our focus to include rural women living within 
the basin by providing  mini-grants for leadership 

We have submitted a proposal to the Kellogg Foundation and would
appreciate letters of support. Here is Ann Baier email address but
if you know someone that works at Kellogg please contact them as well.
Ann Baier:"Ann H. Baier" <ahb@wkkf.org> 

Environmental Assoc. for Great Lakes Education
394 Lake Ave. South, #308
Duluth, MN 55802
(218) 726-1828
email: lakes@cp.duluth.mn.us
Debbie Ortman and Jan Conley
Check out our new web sites:
EAGLE: http://www.cp.duluth.mn.us/~lakes/eagle.html
Great Lakes Women's Leadership Network Project:
Green Thumb Project (pesticide-free lawns):