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Northwoods Wilderness Recovery, Inc.
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February 25, 1998

Dear Friend of the Ottawa National Forest:

We need your help.

On August 1, 1997, conservation groups, Northwoods Wilderness Recovery (MI)
and Federal Land Action Group 
(NH), and nationally acclaimed poets, Antler and Jeff Poniewaz (WI),
appealed the Old M-64 Hardwoods Timber 
Sale.  Henry Peters, a citizen and neighbor of the Ottawa, also filed a
separate appeal.  This timber sale, in the 
biologically diverse Trap Hills, is located 7 miles southeast of the
Porcupine Mountains.  The Trap Hills and 
Ontonagon River watershed is named as a Special Area in the Act to Save
America's Forests (H.R. 1376 and S. 
977) which was recently introduced into the US Congress.  Special areas,
including the Trap Hills and Ontonagon 
River, will be off-limits to National Forest logging and road-building,
upon passage of the bill.

The Old M-64 Hardwoods Timber Sale contains the largest, unprotected,
old-growth forest tract left in the Ottawa 
National Forest.  The Trap Hills provide habitat for a number of
Threatened, Endangered, sensitive and rare plants 
and animals including Peregrine Falcon, Northern Goshawk, Red-shouldered
Hawk, Wood Turtle, Fairy Bells, 
Braun's Holly Fern, Male Fern and Prairie Buttercup.  The North Country
Trail and the Gogebic Ridge Trail 
traverse the area.  The Trap Hills was also a release site for the
Peregrine Falcon, which began in 1988 and 
continued until 1990.  Peregrines have returned each year and have
successfully nested three times since 1990.

Continued logging and road-building in the Trap Hills and Old M-64
Hardwoods sale will sorely compromise the 
biological integrity of the area.  Providing low-impact recreational
opportunities and habitat for Threatened and 
Endangered Species, is the best alternative for the Trap Hills.
Preservation is not a "lock-up" of needed resources.  
Preservation provides opportunities for alternatives, such as recreation
and scientific study, which foster the 
diversification of local economies and lessen dependency on "boom or bust"

On September 13, 1997, Robert Jacobs, the Regional Forester, denied our
appeal.   Despite the uniqueness of the 
Trap Hills -- its semi-primitive designation and remoteness; its rare
plants and animals; and its recreational values.  

The Forest Service received over forty letters of support for our Appeal.
These letters were  from individuals and 
organizations, across the US.  The Forest Service ignored these letters.  

In denying our appeal, the Forest Service decided to follow its
all-too-familiar agenda.  Mine, road, and log our 
public lands -- at the taxpayers expense!

The Old M-64 Hardwoods Timber Sale and Trap Hills are yet another National
Forest "sacrifice zone."

Litigation of this sale is the only remedy left.

Unless the Ottawa's Forest Supervisor and the Forest Service Chief, decide
that the Trap Hills and Old M-64 
Hardwoods Timber Sale has roadless area qualities that qualify it for
protection under a new Presidential 
Executive Order.

The Executive Order will temporarily suspend road construction in roadless
areas for the next 18 months, while 
further assessments are made.
We ask that you take a few minutes and write a letter of support for
including the Trap Hills in the Roadless Area 
Moratorium.  Please send your letters to:

Phyllis Green
Forest Supervisor
Ottawa National Forest 
E 6248 US 2
Ironwood, MI 49938

Send a copy of your letter to:

Mike Dombeck, Chief
USDA Forest Service
P. O. Box 96090
Washington, DC 20090-6090

Comments also may be sent to the Chief via the Internet to:

Tell the Forest Service that you want the Trap Hills and the Old M-64
Hardwoods Timber Sale included in the 
Roadless Area Road-building Moratorium.  Use the information above and your
personal experiences to tell the 
Forest Service why the Trap Hills are important to you.  The deadline for
comments is March 30, 1998.

Your financial support will help Northwoods Wilderness Recovery continue
our efforts in the Trap Hills and 
strengthen grassroots organizing for forest protection in Michigan.  Please
join us in preserving Ottawa National 
Forest Wild Lands and what's left of our old-growth forests.

For the Wild!

Douglas Cornett
Northwoods Wilderness Recovery


Northwoods Wilderness Recovery

P.O. BOX 122; MARQUETTE, MI  49855-0122
(906) 225-1938
E-mail:  drcornet@up.net

March 19, 1998

Heartwood Coalition Formed in the North Woods

On February 20-22, 1998, Northwoods Wilderness Recovery (NWR) and several
other conservation 
groups from Michigan, Wisconsin and Minnesota, met in Ashland, WI for the
purpose of forming a 
regional coalition under the Heartwood banner.  The north woods coalition
is part of a grassroots 
movement that is developing solidarity on forest protection and management
of our public lands, across 
most of the eastern US.  The coalition's mission is "to end commercial
logging in National Forests, to 
protect and restore ecosystems in the Great Lakes states of MN,WI and MI,
and work for the health of 
human and non-human communities."  We'll keep you informed as plans for the
coalition unfold. 

E-mail News Updates and Action Alerts!

NWR is beginning an E-mail list for the purpose of keeping our supporters
better informed on National 
Forest issues and to cut costs of post office mailings.  I can send an
E-mail Update or Action Alert! in 
less than a day.  Conventional mailings have taken up to a week to get the
same amount of work 
E-mail is an efficient and cost-effective way to update you of our efforts
and ask for your assistance on 
critical forest issues.  Please fill out the form provided with this
mailing or send an E-mail to 
drcornet@up.net with the message --  Sign me up!

Watershed News 

Watershed News, the regional newsletter of the Defenders of the Great
Lakes, is beginning to publish 
articles of NWR's National Forest protection efforts.  An article on saving
the Trap Hills is found in the 
Winter 1998 issue.  We will be publishing articles in the News and sharing
our mailing list with 
Defenders, so that our supporters receive regular updates of efforts in
National Forest protection.

Zero Cut Legislative Workshop

David Orr, conservation biologist and Sierra Club Zero Cut activist, will
be presenting a legislative 
workshop, April 9, 1998, in Marquette, MI, on the recently introduced
National Forest Protection and 
Restoration Act (aka Zero Cut).  The meeting will occur from 7 to 9 pm at
Northern Michigan 
University, but the details are not yet finalized.  Students for
Environmental Action (SEA) are sponsoring 
this event.  Please contact Northwoods Wilderness Recovery at the phone
number or E-mail address 
above for more details.

Forest Activist Training Workshop

Heartwood and Northwoods Wilderness Recovery are sponsoring a Forest
Activist Training Workshop in 
the Ottawa National Forest, near the Sylvania Wilderness Area.  We're just
beginning to put together the 
details.  The first or second weekend of May (1-3 or 8-10) are the dates
being considered.  Contact NWR 
at the address above.

Organization Restructuring and Invitation for New Board Members

There is an urgent need to revisit NWR's by-laws and consider revisions.
Should we change our current 
board directorship to a membership organization?  Do NWR's by-laws
currently reflect the direction we 
want to go?  We need new board members to accomplish this task and to
expand efforts in recruiting 
volunteers.  Please contact Doug Cornett at the address above if you can
help out.

Thank You!
Thanks to the following individuals, organizations and businesses that have
supported us in the past.  We 
wouldn't be here without you!!  

Helen Haskell-Remien, Carol McAnulty & Richard Posey, Cindy Brown & Jerry
Smith, Donna Wilcox 
& Randy Boyle, Louise Bourgault & Neil Cumberlidge, Sue Robishaw & Steve
Schmeck, Anonymous, 
Susan Barakat & Brian Logan, Sandra Harting & Vern Simula, Melissa
Middleton & Wayne Morse, Judy 
& Dave Allen, Katherine Andrews, Barbara & Don Ash, Scott Badenoch, Cal &
Patty Barton, Fran 
Beach, Dr. W. A. Belding, David Bingham, Richard & Jutta Birmele, Nathaniel
Borenstein, James 
Boyce, Beatrice BriggsAnonymous, Charles Brumleve, Darryl Busfield, Paul
Capodilupo, Jim Cheney, 
Tom Church, Andy Clark, Paul Collins, Bill Collins, Dr. & Mrs. Dale
Cornett, George Covington, Bertha 
Daubendiek, Margaret Davis, Jim Delcamp, Nancy & Tom Dickerson, Robert
Dynako, James Eggert, 
The Bergamot Press, James R. Elkins, Libby Ellis, David Emch, Rudy Engholm,
Mike Everts, Real 
Foods, Tom Fehsenfeld, Mike Fitzgibbon, Tim Flynn, Peder Frank, Jeff
Franklin, Suzanne Gephart, 
Chuck Glossenger, Jan Green, Mike & Helen Grossman, Paul Haas, Jessie
Hadley, Andrew Hanson, Don 
Henson, Tom Herschelman, Dr. J. M. Himes, Dan Hornbogen, Bruce Hossfield,
Dr. Dennis Hulbert, Bret 
Huntman, Audrey, James & Margaret Jajich, Anonymous, David Johns, Karen &
Seth Johnson, Judd & 
Carol Johnston, Connie Julien, Betty Jungwirth, Guy Keplinger, Margaret
King, Terry Kinzel, Kraig 
Klungness, Kim Kost, Duane Kramer, Marietta & Alden Leatherman, Alicia &
Steve Lich, Dee 
Lindenberger and Steve Senker, Sheila Lissick-Bayle, Barry Lonik, Orie
Loucks, Michael Loukinen, 
Peter MacAusland, Gene MacDonald, Dr. Victoria Macki, Robert Maier, Kate
McCann, Howard & 
KathyMeyer, Bruce Miller, Stephanie Mills, Mike Mittage, Michael & Heather
Mlsna, Greg Mollica, 
Ben Mukkala, Michael Nidiffer, Jim Norgaard, Ray Nurmi, Fritz Ohnsorg,
David & Theresa Olane, Leah 
Perger, Henry Peters, Vickie Ploegman, Ralph Powell, Bob Preston, Kevin
Proescholdt, Al Pyott, John 
Rebers, John Renfrew, Cheryl Turton, Tom Rosasco, Jerry Roth, Grant
Ruttinger, Michael Ryan, 
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Linda & Lawrence Rath, Fred Young, Robert Smith & Jonelle DePetro, Flavia
Hoefler, Rosa Livingston, 
Carolee Colter, Mary Diaz, TrishWoollcott, Kathy Cavanaugh, Murray Dailey,
Katherine Melby & Bret 
Huntman, David and Joyce Benedict, Anonymous, Jim & Sandy Saccomanno, Lloyd
Clayton, Julia 
Tibbitts, Patrick & Heidi Fitzgibbon, Chip Truscon, Internet Bagel Cafe,
Jim and Sherri Addison, D's 
Kitchen & Karma Cafe, Orie Loucks, Heartwood, Native Forest Network, Deer
Lake Trust, The 
Covington Trust, Michigan Nature Association, Yellow Dog Watershed
Preserve, Upper Peninsula 
Environmental Coalition, Patagonia, Conservation Alliance, Conservation
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Smithsonian Institute, Environmental Systems Research Institute, GTCO,
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