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The National Forum on Climate Change, sponsored by the National Round
Table on the Environment and the Economy, has convened a citizens panel
to explore climate change and advise on the information Canadians need
to better understand the issues. See: http://www.nrtee-trnee.ca, or call
(613) 992-7189.


The Canadian Pollution Prevention Information Clearinghouse was
officially launched 18 March. Visit: http://www.ec.gc.ca/cppic.


Another "great green wave" is swelling in Canada and is expected to hit
fully within four years, according to a leading pollster. Doug Miller of
Environics says most Canadians (73 per cent) would sacrifice economic
growth for the environment today, anticipating greater future economic
damage from emissions. Other findings:

* 45 per cent say driving a car is the most environmentally damaging
thing they do. "We're calling the automobile the next blue box," Miller

* People are upset about high priced "green" products with dubious


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