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Natural Areas Management Conference

This summer, June 11th and 12th, Carroll College will host a Natural
Areas Management Planning Conference.  The conference is funded by a
grant from the National Science Foundation Field Station and Marine
Laboratory Improvement Program.  Please circulate this information about
the conference to anyone you think might be interested.

Description of the Conference

This conference brings together professionals from the public, private,
and academic sectors who are active in various aspects of the
management, conservation, and monitoring of natural areas.  The
conference will include:

* panel presentations by experts in a variety of areas. Confirmed
panelists include Nancy Braker, The Nature Conservancy; Marlin Johnson,
U. W. Waukesha, Kelly Kearns, Wisconsin DNR; Mark Leach, U. W.
Arboretum; Larry Leitner, SEWRPC, Don Reed, SEWRPC, and Jim Reinartz, U.
W. Milwaukee
* a poster session highlighting current research and management
* a hands-on case study of management plan development 
* a keynote address by Mr. George Meyer, Secretary of the Wisconsin
Department of Natural Resources
* other formal and informal opportunities for discussion.

Participants will learn about the diversity of issues encountered when
developing a management plan and will gain experience with how to
integrate those issues into a single, coherent, strategy for conserving
resources while utilizing the natural area to its fullest extent.

Call for Poster Presentations

Students, faculty, and others involved in research on natural areas or
who are involved in innovative management activities are invited to
present their research in a poster session on Thursday, June 11th, from
4 to 6 p.m.  We especially encourage posters related to any of the panel

* Natural Areas Management Tools and Techniques
* Management of Terrestrial or Aquatic Ecosystems
* Invasive Species Management
* Managing Natural Areas for Multiple Uses
* Biodiversity Monitoring.

Posters on other topics are also welcome.  Authors should submit an
abstract and registration form by 1 May, 1998.

For More Information visit our website: http://www.cc.edu/~NAMPC
(available after 15 April 1998) or e-mail:  NAMPC@carroll1.cc.edu
or contact:  Dr. Susan E. Lewis, Director, Greene Field Station, Carroll
College  100 North East Avenue, Waukesha, WI  53186  (414) 524-7279.

We will send you brochures and registration forms.
                           Susan E. Lewis, Ph.D.
                      Assistant Professor of Biology
           	      Co-Director of Environmental Science
                              Carroll College
                          100 North East Avenue
                           Waukesha, WI  53186
                              (414) 524-7279
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