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GLIN symposium: March 31-April 1

Interested in learning more about GLIN and the future of the network?

Join us at the Great Lakes Information Network Advisory Board Meeting
and Global Applications Symposium, March 31-April 1 at the Campus Inn in
Ann Arbor, Michigan. 

View the agenda online at http://www.glc.org/announce/98/glinagenda.html

The first day of the meeting will focus on past, present and future GLIN
activities. It also will address a number of administrative matters to
ensure that the growing number of GLIN partners are fully involved in
new opportunities to expand and apply GLIN technology and services.

Issue-specific applications for GLIN (GIS, environmental education and
tourism) will be the focus on the morning of April 1, followed by a
symposium on Global Applications of GLIN. Ulf Ehlin, director of the
Stockholm Water Institute, and Al Duda of The World Bank, will be among
the featured speakers. 

The April 1 lunch will include a memorial tribute to founding GLIN
Director Carol Ratza, whose incredible vision and leadership created the
GLIN partnership. 

This meeting is an ideal opportunity to contribute toward the future
growth and development of GLIN. We appreciate how the Great Lakes
community has embraced GLIN and look forward to seeing your perspectives
reflected in its continued growth.

You also are welcome  and encouraged  to attend the Great Lakes
Commission's 1998 Semiannual Meeting, which will be held at the same
location April 2-3.

For more information or to register for the GLIN meetings, contact:

Christine Manninen		Phone: 734.665.9135
Project Manager			Fax: 734.669.0764
Great Lakes Commission		Email: manninen@glc.org
400 Fourth St., Argus II Bldg.	GLC: http://www.glc.org
Ann Arbor, MI 48103-4816	GLIN: http://www.great-lakes.net