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5 Exotic Species Educator Day Camps in 1998

>5 Exotic Species Educator Day Camps in 1998
>The Great Lakes Sea Grant Network is announcing
> the following opportunity for classroom and 
>non-formal educators to learn about aquatic 
>exotic species such as zebra mussels, round gobies, 
>and purple loosestrife. Fees and sign up 
>deadlines vary by program.
>Through hands-on experience using various Sea 
>Grant educational resource kits, CD-ROMs, 
>internet resources, and training packages, educators 
>will explore the impact of these species on the natural 
>world and on industrial and recreational water users. 
>Teachers with fellow participants will prepare a lesson 
>plan on exotic aquatics.  These lessons will then be 
>compiled into a collection of activities, to 
>be made available to schools throughout the country.
>Exotic Day Camp attendees can use the new 
>materials and skills developed
>at this workshop to help students become 
>environmentally aware while possibly 
>fulfilling state science education requirements 
>(please check with your individual state requirements). 
>Participants will receive honoraria and free 
>instructional materials that
>will enable them to carry over the day's 
>experiences to their classrooms.
>Niagara Falls, New York
>Aquarium of Niagara and Erie2-BOCES
>April 22, 1998
>contact: Helen Domske 716/645-3610
>Toledo, Ohio
>Center of Science and Industry
>April 27, 1998
>contact: Rosanne Fortner 614/292-9826
>Duluth, Minnesota
>University of Minnesota, Duluth
>June 15, 1998
>contact: Doug Jensen 218/726-8712
>Detroit, Michigan
>Belle Isle Zoo and Aquarium 
>June 24, 1998
>contact: Mike Klepinger 517/353-5508
>Chicago, Illinois
>John G Shedd Aquarium
>August 13, 1998
>contact: Robin Goettel 217/333-9448
>Nancy Cruickshank
>Ohio Sea Grant and Stone Laboratory
>The Ohio State University
>1314 Kinnear Rd
>Columbus OH 43212
>web site: http://www.sg.ohio-state.edu/
>e-mail: cruickshank.3@osu.edu
>phone: 614/292-8949
>fax: 614/292-4364
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