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April 23 Coastal Hazards Reduction Workshop



Developing and Effectively Using Tools 
 to Reduce Our Vulnerability to Coastal Hazards

April 23, 1998
Washington, DC

American Geophysical Union
2000 Florida Avenue NW
Washington, D.C.  20009

 PRELIMINARY AGENDA  --  Thursday, April 23

8:00	Registration

8:30	Welcome and Introductions

	 Bill Hooke ­ Director, The U.S. Weather Research Program
		Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Research
		National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
	Opening Remarks

	D. James Baker ­ Under Secretary for Oceans and Atmosphere
		National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
		U.S. Department of Commerce
	C. Peter Magrath ­ President  
		National Association for State Universities and Land
		Grant Colleges

9:00	Panel 1: Vulnerability and Risk

	Jeff Williams ­ Director, Coastal and Marine Geology Program
		United States Geological Survey	
		U.S. Department of the Interior

	Panel Members:

	Betty Morrow ­ Research Associate, International Hurricane
			Center, Florida International University
	Ron Eguchi ­ President, EQE International, Inc.
	Roger Pielke, Jr. ­ Scientist, Environmental and Social Impacts
			Group National Center for Atmospheric Research

10:30	Break

11:00	Panel 2: Lessons Learned

	 Kishor Mehta ­ Director, Wind Engineering Research Center
		Texas Tech University

	Panel Members:
	Liza Bowles ­ President
		National Association of Home Builders Research Center
	David Reynolds ­ Chief, Forecasts Operations Branch
		National Centers for Environmental Prediction/NOAA
	Don Geis ­ Independent Consultant
		Geis Design/Research Associates

12:30	Lunch (provided for those who register)

1:30	Panel 3: Measures for Success

	 S. Shyam Sunder ­ Director ­ Structures Division
		National Institute of Standards and Technology
		U.S. Department of Commerce

	Panel Members:
	Mark Demaria ­ Chief, Technical Support Branch
		National Hurricane Center
		National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration	
	Todd Davison ­ Director, Mitigation Division
		Federal Emergency Management Agency, Region IV
	Diana McClure ­ Director, Showcase Communities and Special
		Institute for Business & Home Safety
	Nick Keller ­ Co­director
		Joint Center for Sustainable Communities
		National Association of Counties

3:00	Break

3:30	Panel 4: Building Partnerships

	Doug Wheeler ­ Secretary of Natural Resources
		State of California

	Panel Members:
	Frank Nutter ­ Chief Executive Officer
		Reinsurance Association of America
	Mike Armstrong ­ Director, Mitigation Directorate
		Federal Emergency Management Agency
	Doug Buck ­ Director, Division of Housing and Community
		Development, Florida Department of Community Affairs

5:00	Adjourn

Symposium results and recommendations will be delivered in the form of a
briefing on April 24th to members of Congress and their staff.


· National Association for State Universities and Land Grant Colleges/
Board on Oceans and Atmosphere
· University Corporation for Atmospheric Research
· Institute for Business and Home Safety
· National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


The following information is needed to confirm your participation:







Your registration will be accepted via letter, e­mail or facsimile by
April 10:

Gale Moody­Peek
NOAA Coastal Services Center
2234 South  Hobson Avenue
Charleston, SC  29405
803­974­6313 (fax)

For more information contact:

Gale Moody­Peek