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SPAMming GLIN-Announce

Two items:

1.  SPAMming GLIN-Announce needs to be

2. We (the users of GLIN-Announce) need to
NOT compound the SPAMming by replying via
GLIN-Announce, as we then are, ourselves,
SPAMming the system (as this message is doing
now).  GLIN-Announce is not a chat room or
discussion group.  Additionally, we have no
guarantee that the right people will see our
messages, since it is apparent the
administrators of the system don't look at
the messages before they are passed along, if

Instead, we need to contact the system
administration directly to express our
concern.  Early today, I sent the following
message to Christine Manninen:
To: manninen@glc.org

It seems to be with increasing frequency that
we subscribers  are receiving unsolicited 
commercial mass-mailings (SPAM) via
GLIN-Announce.  I hope you are moving to 
apply some kind of filtration to prevent
this.  Since my address, like that of  many
other subscribers, is a federal site, these
advertisers are violating federal law by
soliciting federal employees at the

I realize it is difficult to automate a 100%
effective automated filter that doesn't also 
screen out non-commercial messages, but the
volume of GLIN-Announce is low enough that
perhaps there could be human review of the
messages before dissemination. 

Thanks for your help. 

Robert Beltran