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-0500 (EST)
From: Christine Manninen <manninen@glc.org>
To: glin-announce@great-lakes.net
Subject: From the list manager: GLIN-Announce spamming
Sender: owner-glin-announce@great-lakes.net
Precedence: bulk
List-Name: GLIN-Announce

To all GLIN-Announce subscribers:

The recent increase of "spam" messages to GLIN-Announce (and other GLIN
listservs) was discussed at the GLIN Advisory Board Meeting held this
past week in Ann Arbor, Mich. 

To remedy the situation, as of today the GLIN-Announce list is
moderated. What this means is that every message will now be approved by
GLIN staff at the Great Lakes Commission before it is posted to the
list. This seems to be the most viable solution to this problem. 

This does have drawbacks, however. Because each message must now be
manually approved, there will be a delay between the time you post to
the list and when the list subscribers actually receive the message.
This delay is unavoidable since GLIN staff are not available to approve
messages 24 hours/day.

The only other option to eliminate the spam is to "close" the list,
which would mean that only GLIN-Announce subscribers would be able to
post messages. Because of the nature of this list, however, we would
prefer to keep it open to all in the Great Lakes community who wish to

Spamming--pirating email lists for commercial advertising purposes--is
an unfortunate consequence of the open, uncensored world of the
Internet. We apologize for the inconvenience and annoyance of the
unsolicited, and in many cases inappropriate, postings to the GLIN

Your patience and continued support and contributions to GLIN-Announce
are very much appreciated.

Christine Manninen              
GLIN-Announce List Manager
Great Lakes Commission