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1998 Summer Course -- Operation Pathfinder

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Project COAST -- OPERATION PATHFINDER: Oceanography and Coastal Processes
Education for Elementary, Middle and High School Teachers.

This three-credit course, hosted by the University of Wisconsin Sea Grant
Institute, the UW Great Lakes WATER Institute, the University of
Wisconsin-Milwaukee and St. Norbert College, will be conducted this summer
for K-12 teachers from throughout the Great Lakes region.

COURSE LOCATION:		UW Great Lakes WATER Institute
				600 East Greenfield Avenue
				Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53204

COURSE DATES:			July 14 through July 30, 1998

COURSE SUBJECTS:		Marine and Aquatic Habitats
				Physical and Chemical Parameters
				Plate Tectonics
				Marine and Aquatic Resources
				Marine Pollution
				Deep Sea Technologies

METHODOLOGY:			Presentations by scientists and educators
				will be complemented with demonstrations,
				hands-on classroom activities, field
				experiences (including a research cruise
				on Lake Michigan) and many resources.

				Room and Board
				Travel allotment
				$300 Stipend
				3 Semester Credits -- Graduate or Undergraduate
				Resource Books and Complementary Materials

PARTICIPANT ELIGIBILITY:	26 K-12 in-service teachers
				4 pre-service teachers (eg. undergraduates)
				Preference given to: minority participants and
				teachers of predominantly minority students.
				Commitment by participant to:
					-enroll and reside at host institution
					 for the length of the course
					-develop and implement at least one 
					 teacher training workshop or staff
					 development program for his/her district
					-infuse oceanic and coastal concepts and 
					 activities within the curriculum
					-conduct a professional presentation at 
					 state regional or national level.


APPLICATION AVAILABILITY:	Application materials and more detailed course
information are available from Jim Lubner at the address listed below.
Formats include WORD and WordPerfect files which can be attached to email
correspondence, as well as printed copies which can be faxed or mailed on

FOR MORE INFORMATION:	Jim Lubner, Education Specialist
				University of Wisconsin Sea Grant Institute
				600 East Greenfield Avenue
				Milwaukee, Wisconsin  53204-2944
				Phone: 414-227-3291
				FAX: 414-382-1705
				Email: jflubner@seagrant.wisc.edu

Further information is also available at the following web site:


PROJECT FUNDING:	The National Ocean Partnership Program funded by
			the Office of Naval Research, in cooperation with
			the University of Southern Mississippi, St. Norbert
			College, Mississippi State University, the National
			Sea Grant College Program and Associated Universities,
			and the National Marine Educators Association.

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