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Bella Abzug died on March 31, the last of Women's History Month.

I am forwarding this message from WOC so we can all pay
tribute to a true hero - Bella Abzug. Bella was involved in many
environmental issues that affect us all, women, mothers, men, children,
and others. She has worked on many Great Lakes issues such as
endocrine disruptors, environmental links to cancer, water quality and
others. Please take a moment to pay her tribute.

Sender: "Women Organizing for Change Alert List (USA)"

When trail blazer, feminist icon, Congresswoman, Chair of the U.S.
National Women's Conference, Chair of the National Advisory Committee for
Women, founder of Women's Strike for Peace, founder of the Women's
Environment and Development Organization (WEDO), a founder of the
National Women's Political Caucus, Congresswoman responsible for the
introduction of legislation declaring August 26 (the anniversary of
suffrage) Women's Equality Day, speaker at one of the first-ever Older
Women's Conferences, spark plug of U.N. Conferences on every
continent, outspoken Jewish woman, New Yorker, organizer,  activist,
daughter of a "humanist butcher," biological mother of two wonderful
feminist women, spiritual mother of all wonderful feminists* -- when
Bella Abzug died on March 31, the last day of Women's History Month,
many feminists were shocked.

Because we never thought Bella would die.  And in fact, Bella will
never die. Not in our hearts.  Not in our memories.

Bella was incomparable.  Martin Luther King, Jr. once said that it is
the non- conformists among us who make a difference and make real
social change.  Bella was a true non-conformist.  She was never
careful and cautious, but -- following the example of Susan B. Anthony
--  embraced the truth, never fearing for her reputation, fighting for
women's equality, justice, peace -- and fun.

Our unofficial WOC saying (borrowed from the "Getting It Gazette") is
"Women can think, laugh and organize at the same time."  Bella did all
three, and she did it with flair.

If you would like to send your love and memories of Bella to her
family, write to Bella's daughters:  Eve and Liz Abzug, 2 Fifth
Avenue, Apartment 2-D, New York, NY  10011.  And don't forget her
other feminist family -- the folks at WEDO.  You can email them at

Meanwhile, there is a song feminists often sing at rallies -- Bella
Ciao. While we've never seen the words in print (and therefore our
spelling could be way off), we know the song is based on an Italian
workers' organizing song. The words are a perfect way to say good-bye
to our Bella:  "We are women, and we are singing, Bella Ciao, Bella
Ciao, Bella Ciao, Ciao, Ciao; We are singing for liberation, We want
equality now."

Ciao, Bella.  And thanks so much.

* Our thanks also to the "Feminist Chronicles, 1953-1993' by Toni
Carabillo, Judith Meuli and June Bundy Csida for help making our list
of Bella's accomplishments.  If this book isn't in your library, it
should be.

Yes, those wild and crazy guys from Congress are off on spring break.
But instead of creating havoc on the beaches, they are home -- in your
hometown -- trying to show their constituents what terrific elected
officials they are. Since they are in the neighborhood,  why not stop
by and visit.  Let them know how they're doing, and what you would
like to see them do.  Take the spirit of Bella Abzug with you.  It
could be an entirely unforgettable visit.


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