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Good Resources

Here are three good resources, one is put out by Great Lakes United -
monthly; one is put out by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy -
2x a month; one is the E Calendar of events/conferences - monthly.
They  list updates on issues, job announcements and onferences/events.
Check them out.

GL Habitat Watch is produced by GLU's Biodiversity and
Habitat Protection Task Force. The task force is
committed to protecting natural areas, resources and
strong conservation laws in the face of "wise use"
efforts.   Please send stories to Andy Frank via phone:
(716) 886-0142; fax: (716) 886-0303; or e-mail:

Produced by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP), Mark 
Ritchie, President.  Editor: Mark Muller, email iatp@iatp.org.  Email 
versions are available free of charge. To subscribe send email to 
majordomo@igc.apc.org.  Leave the subject line blank.  In the body of 
the message write subscribe water-net.  For information about fax or 
mail subscriptions or for a list of other IATP publications, contact the 
Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, 2105 First Avenue South, 
Minneapolis, MN 55404.  612-870-0453, fax: 612-870-4846, email: 

Environmental Calendar:
This calendar is an unofficial compilation of environmental meetings,
seminars, conferences, workshops, and symposia distributed over email
monthly by the Corps of Engineers, Great Lakes & Ohio River Division.  If
you have an event to be listed, or want to be added to the distribution,
send a message to: jan.a.miller@usace.army.mil
This calendar is also listed on our home page: