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jet skis in national parks

By signing on to this letter, according to these supereasy instructions,
you can help end the use of jet skis in our national parks.  Thanks for
your  help!


(1) Add your name, city, and state to the list below. Include your email and
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(2) Select and Copy the whole text into a brand new message to everyone you
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(3) If you happen to be the 10th, 20th, 30th, 40th, etc. signer of this
petition, please forward a copy to the National Park Service at:
Dennis_Burnett@nps.gov with a copy to us at jetskis@igc.org (we'll make SURE
the Park Service gets your name!!)


Letter to the National Park Service

Dear Mr. Burnett,

We, the undersigned citizens of the United States wish to express our strong
opposition to the use of jet skis in our National Parks. The negative
impacts of jet skis have been well documented and include: (1) the
disturbance of peaceful recreation to Park users including campers, fishers,
hikers, etc., due to the aggravating, high pitched noise associated with
this craft (2) threats to wildlife including harassment and injury of ducks,
swans, endangered manatees, turtles, loons and other species, (3) extreme
danger to swimmers and other boaters in the Parks due to the inherent danger
associated with the stunt-oriented nature of jet skis. Jet skis are
responsible for 50% of all boating injuries despite representing only about
10% of all boating registration, (4) ecosystem damage from the two-stroke
motors which they employ, which dump 25% of all their unburned fuel and oil
into Park waters. A two hour ride on a single jet ski can spill enough gas
and oil to cover an eight acre pond.

Please abandon your currently proposed regulations which give Park
Superintendants the right to make their own determinations without even
holding public hearings or public comment periods for local park users. Such
a process subjects Superintendants to a great deal of pressure from
individual jet ski users as well as the jet ski industry with only minimal
guidance from the National Park Service or any input by the majority of a
Parks users. Instead, please revise your regulations to include (1) an
interim regulation that will ban all jet ski use in the Parks until such
time as a final rule is promulgated, and (2) write a new regulation which
will use the same tough "special regulation" process that is used for
snowmobiles, and which includes public hearings and public comments PRIOR to
allowing any jet ski use at an individual park. Such a comment period must
include full analysis of all impacts to the environment, other users,
wildlife, and safety. Please record each of our names individually as
opposed to the currently proposed regulations.

Thank you.

(1)   Rob Watson, Silver Spring, MD   rwatson@nrdc.org
(2)   Harry Gordon, Garrett Park, MD  htgordon@aol.com
(3)   Lynne Elizabeth, Berkeley, CA   earthlynne@earthlink.net
(4)   Edward Nold, Oakland, CA        adhoc@tio.net
(5)   Elaine Hebert, Sacramento, CA,  ehebert@igc.apc.org
(6)   Tom Lent, Berkeley, CA          tlent@igc.org
(7)   Nancy Rader, Berkeley, CA       nrader@igc.org
(8)   Richard Norgaard, Berkeley, CA  norgaard@igc.org
(9)   Jane Kelly, Berkeley, CA
(10)  John Holtzclaw, San Francisco   john.holtzclaw@sierraclub.org
(11)  Gayle Eads, Placerville, CA     geads@compuserve.com
(12)  Benjamin Sher, Placerville, CA  benjmsher@aol.com
(13)  Vikki E. Savee, Sacramento, CA  vsavee@rocksystems.com
(14)  James McRitchie, CA             jm@corpgov.net
(15)  Gary A. Patton, Santa Cruz, CA  gapatton@pcl.org
(16)  Keith Vandevere, Cachagua CA    xasauan@aol.com
(17)  Lloyd Jones, Carmel, CA         lajones101@aol.com
(18)  John Williams, Davis, CA        jgwill@dcn.davis.ca.us
(19)  Matt Smeltzer, Berkeley, CA     msmeltze@ced.berkeley.edu
(20)  Cal Harth, Duluth,MN            charth@sage.nrri.umn.edu
(21)  Terry Brown, Duluth, MN,        tbrown@sage.nrri.umn.edu
(22)  Virginia Borden, Duluth, MN     vborden@d.umn.edu
(23) Judy Gibbs, Duluth, MN      unlessjudy@aol.com
(24) Debbie Ortman, Duluth, MN lakes@cp.duluth.mn.us