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Conner Creek Power Plant to burn coal

The Citizens Environment Alliance has been informed by activists in SE
Michigan network that the Conner Creek Power Plant on the shores of the
Detroit River will be fired up to burn coal very soon.

A Michigan Public Service Commission communique states:

"Citing the concern that Michigan electric utilities have adequate capacity
to serve their customers needs, the Michigan Public Service Commission
issued an order, by a vote of 2-1, concluding that the Detroit Edison
Company has a need of at least 417 megawatts (MW) of additional capacity in
future years.
The Commission directed Detroit Edison to file a plan by April 24, 1998 for
meeting this capacity."

The Communique further states:

"The Commission also granted Detroit Edison's request for a waiver to
restart the Conners Creek Generating plant if the utility has all permits
required to do so."

As far as the CEA understands the Conners Creek Plant fully intends to burn

Is this the next Detroit Incinerator battle?  The air quality in the
transboundary area of Detroit and Windsor cannot to further stress.  The
health of citizens in the area cannot afford another impact.  This plan is
ludicrous!  It must be stopped!

This plant has been closed for ten years, 5 of its stacks were imploaded
last summer, that should have been the end of the Conners Creek facility.
But it looks like Engler strikes again!!!

Does Michigan need more power?  Is Ontario Hydro involved in this scheme?
Ontario Hydro, even with all its nuclear problems, still has sufficient
reserve power to provide any emergency demand from Michigan.  But the future
should be demand management and soft energy, even an iterim solution of
utilitzing natural gas would be better.  What about a cogenerating plant?  

There is sufficient scientific and  medical evidence available to suggest
that burning coal in a human populated area  is crazy.  Notwithstanding,
this is yet another Detroit River ecosystem disaster, and could be another
"Detroit Incinerator fiasco."  Southestern Michigan is already a "cancer
alley"  according to the the Sierra Club.

Burning coal at Conners Creek on the shores of the Detroit River will affect
people in east Windsor and further downwind.  People living in east Detroit,
Fox Creek, even Grosse Pointe Woods will not escape.  Also people living in
the Lake St. Clair region and the Walpole Island First Nation will be
exposed to more acid and toxic rain.

Coal produces many carcinogens when it is burned - mercury, cadmium,
arsenic, etc.  it also produces particulate and this area has high levels of
particulate both PM10 and PM2.5.  In fact a monitoring survey of particulate
done by Environment Canada between 1992-1994 indicates that metro Windsor
has the second highest levels of both PM10 and PM2.5, only behind Hamilton,
in Canada.  Walpole Island First Nation at the mouth of the St.Clair River
has the highest levels of partiulcate in the country.  Mortality rates for
cancer and other respiratory diseases are already unacceptable in the area.
We do not need another plant burning fossil fuel and producing higher levels
of smog in an area that is already overburdened.  It is time to say NO!!

Citizens on both sides of the Detroit River need to act now.  Can folks in
SE Michigan find out when the commentary period on the permit starts?  Let
us know.  We need to challenge MPSC's assumption's about Detroit Edison's
required extra capacity.

Lets put this coal fire out before it gets started.

Rick Coronado
Citizens Environment Alliance of SW Ontario

Windsor & Area Social Justice & Ecological Network
PO Box 548, Windsor, ON  N9A 6M6
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