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ACTION ALERT--Protect Ontario, Canada From "Lands for Life"

Posted on behalf of Tom Herschelman <tombwca@mail.tcbi.com>

Dear Fellow Lovers of Wild Places:  There is a huge timber industry
effort underway in Ontario to diminish wild places which will impact
caribou, wolves, lynx, roadless areas.  It will impact our own values
also by reducing wild places to clearcuts.  Please read this alert from
Roger Featherstone (Defenders) and make the calls to the tourist

Thanks, Tom Herschelman (PS: Anyone not wishing to receive occasional
alerts please let me know).

>Subject: ACTION ALERT--Protect Ontario, Canada From "Lands for Life"
>  Process

>The Province of Ontario in Canada is finishing soon a process called 
>"Lands for Life" that will decide the fate of nearly half of Ontario's 
>land base.  Unfortunately, Canadian extractive industries are lobbying 
>hard to make sure that none of the 111 million acres of forested lands 
>is protected against logging.
>The Sierra Club of Canada, World Wildlife Fund Canada, the Federation 
>of Ontario Naturalists, the Wildlands League and others need your help 
>to send a message to the Ontario office of tourism that strong 
>protection of Ontario's forested lands is in the best economic 
>interested of Ontario.
>Please write a letter to the officials listed below and please call the 
>Ontario tourism office about those summer travel plans to Ontario.
>Roger Featherstone
>GREEN Director
>Ontario "Lands For Life" Process Needs U.S. Input
>Americans and Canadians are working together to save Ontario 
>The Province of Ontario in Canada is hoping to soon finish its industry 
>driven giveaway of public lands.  "Lands for Life" as it is termed, is 
>a public land use planning process that will decide the fate of nearly 
>half of Ontario's land base, including 111 Million acres of forested 
>public land.  Ontario conservation organizations such as the Sierra 
>Club of Canada, World Wildlife Fund Canada, Federation of Ontario 
>Naturalists and the Wildlands League, are working to protect as much of 
>this land as possible.  However, the Ontario forest industry is 
>immensely powerful, with strong friends in the Ontario Government.  The 
>forest industry is fighting to prevent "its" timber lands from being 
>classified in any sort of protected status.
>It is anticipated that at the heart of the "Lands for Life" process is 
>the desire to provide resource companies with as much of these lands as 
>possible, long term timber leases and self-management over lands deemed 
>as "general resource" areas.  This is UNACCEPTABLE and could represent 
>as much as 98% of the public forested lands under some of the current 
>proposals being considered, unless something is done about it 
>immediately!  With clear cutting being the principle approach, forested 
>areas and wildlife such as the white pine, woodland caribou and wolf 
>populations could be dramatically and permanently affected.
>Several Canadian organizations are working to raise environmental 
>concerns during the remaining few months of the Lands for Life process.  
>US citizens can help in this process by raising issues that will 
>resonate with government officials: economics and tourism dollars.  
>  1)  Send a letter to the following tourism officials letting them 
>      know that Ontario will loose your travel business if these lands 
>      are not protected.
>          The Hon. Al Palladini
>          Minister of Economic Development, Trade and Tourism
>          8th Fl.
>          900 Bay St
>          Toronto, ON M7A 2E1
>          e-mail: ontpc@ontla.ola.org
>          (416) 325-6918; fax
>          (416) 325-6900
>          The Hon. Ernie Eves
>          Deputy Premier and Minister of Finance
>          7 Queens Park
>          Frost Building S, 7th Fl
>          Toronto, ON M7A 1Y7
>          e-mail: ontpc@ontla.ola.org
>          The Hon. Frank Miclash
>          Liberal Caucus Deputy Whip and Tourism Critic
>          Room 472, Main Building
>          Queen's Park
>          Toronto, ON M7A 1A4
>          e-mail:  frank_miclash-mpp@ontla.ola.org
>          The Hon. Len Wood
>          NDP Tourism Critic
>          12B Byng Avenue
>          Kapuskasing, ON P5N 1W3
>          e-mail: len_wood-mpp@ontla.ola.org
>  2)  Call the Ontario Government for travel information for your 
>      summer visit, and ask them about the Lands for Life process and 
>      especially voice your concerns.  
>          Numbers:
>               (800) 268-3736 [within Canada only] 
>               (416) 314-0944, 
>               (416) 325-6666 [for general information].  
>               The fax number is: (416) 325-6688; fax
>  3)  Please send this e-mail message to other activists
>For more information: http://www.sierraclub.ca/eastern/Lands.html
>I am very disturbed about the Lands for Life process.  I come to 
>Ontario to enjoy your splendid northern wilderness areas.  When I come, 
>I spend about $___ every trip I make.  If the Lands for Life process 
>sacrifices this wilderness area to the resource and forestry industry, 
>then I will have lost my desire to return to Ontario, and will spend my 
>money elsewhere.  Canada's wilderness is special to me and should be 
>Roger Featherstone, GREEN Director
>PO Box 40046, Albuquerque, NM 87196-0046
>(505) 277-8302  fax, (505) 277-5483 rfeather@defenders.org
>GREEN DC Office
>1101 14th St., NW, Ste. 1400, Washington,  DC 20005 (202) 682-9400