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April Water Focus: Local Clean Water Heroes Help Spawn New Initiative


The April 1998 issue of Pollution Engineering is available on our
website, along with our April DOD/DOE supplement and back issues from
1995 to the present. Check out our latest at

April 1998 Columns
Legal Lookout, *Court Suspends OSHA's Cooperative Compliance Program,*
by Lynn Bergeson, Esq., Bergeson & Campbell 
Federal Focus, *U.S., Russian Scientists Team Up to Stabilize Waste,*
by Carol Mouché, Contributing Editor

Water Focus, *Local Clean Water Heroes Help Spawn New Initiative,*
by Rebecca Chambers Vick, Contributing Editor

Pollution Prevention, *One Thing Leads to Another for Textile Bleaching
Plant,* by Barbara Quinn, Contributing Editor

ISO 14000 Insight, *Objectives, Targets Sow Seeds of Continual
Improvement,* by Robert C. Wilson, IQuES

April 1998 Feature Articles
Employing Metal Catalysts for VOC Emission Control
            Learn the factors that must be taken into consideration
            before selecting catalytic oxidation.

Train Employees to Classify and Label Waste
            Effective labeling can help avoid accidents.

Quality Data Show the Way to Brownfields Redevelopment
            Setting data quality objectives will help you navigate the
            regulatory maze.