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A Question

Our West Michigan Bureau reporter/producer, Wendy Nelson, is looking for
someone to interview who does composting with worms (vermicomposting) in their

She is trying to find someone in or around Grand Rapids who has an inside worm
bin and has been involved in vermicomposting long enough to talk (in general
terms) about the whole process: how long it takes to convert food waste
compost; why you got involved; what's been the reaction from your family and
friends, etc.  You do not need an intensive science background, nor do you
need to be a worm expert.

Wendy would like to set up an interview no later than this Wednesday (4/29).
If you would be willing to talk to her -- or know of someone else who would --
you can contact her directly at (616) 458-0387 or by e-mail at
WNelson154@aol.com. Or you can contact me at the numbers/addresses below.
David Hammond
Managing Editor, Great Lakes Radio Consortium
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Ann Arbor, MI  48109-1382
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Fax: 734-647-3488
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