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Lake Huron: The "Forgotten" Lake?

Posted on behalf of Martha Waszak <WASZAKM@state.mi.us>

If you are interested in Lake Huron Watershed-related issues, you are
encouraged to attend *The Forgotten Lake?  Lake Huron Watershed
Conference* on June 10, 1998, at Saginaw Valley State University,
sponsored by the Departments of Environmental Quality (DEQ), Natural
Resources (DNR), Agriculture (MDA), and Office of the Great Lakes.  The
outcome of the conference will be recommendations for moving forward
toward a common understanding of key environmental, natural resources,
and agricultural issues and needs from state, federal, local and
Canadian perspectives to ensure a sustainable Lake Huron Watershed.

When & Where - The conference will be June 10, 1998, at Saginaw Valley
State University.  Registration begins at 8:30 a.m. with the conference
adjourning about 4:15 p.m.

The conference will include presentations regarding state perspectives
from DEQ Director Russ Harding, DNR Director K. L. Cool, and MDA Deputy
Director Keith Creagh.  Federal perspectives will be addressed by EPA
(invited), Natural Resources Conservation Service (invited), Randy
Eshenroder, Senior Scientist, Great Lakes Fisheries Commission, and a
representative of the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources (invited). 
Local Perspectives will be discussed by Elizabeth Cisar, The
Conservation Fund; Charles Curtiss, Saginaw Bay Land Conservancy; and
Dr. Ken Merckel, Michigan Steelheaders

Registration is $25 for all participants which includes continental
breakfast, lunch and facility costs.  Registration forms must be
received by May 27, 1998, to ensure participation.  

If you are interested in attending, please contact Jim Bredin, Office of
the Great Lakes,  at 517-335-4232, or e-mail bredinj@state.mi.us.