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Federal Energy Regulatory Commission is reviewing a
proposal by Columbia Gas Transmission Corporation
(known as the Millenium Project) to construct a 90.5-
mile natural gas pipeline under Lake Erie and then some
400 miles across the state to New York City.  The
pipeline proposal, the first of its kind in the Great
Lakes, would trench the bottom of Lake Erie from Port
Stanley, Ontario to North East, Pennsylvania and impact
hundreds of streams and wetlands on its route from the
Lake Erie shore to New York City.  A number of
homeowners, conservationists and fisherman expressed
opposition to the project at recent FERC scoping
hearings in NY and PA.  Among numerous concerns
expressed at the meetings was the quality of the
environmental assessment prepared by Columbia s
Ontario-based consultant, Geomatix International. 
Independent researchers and activists took exception to
the report s lack of consideration for lake issues
including contaminated sediments resuspension, the
potential for seismic activity, and the impact of ice
keel scouring.  Although the public comment period for
the scoping phase has ended, comments can still be
directed to FERC through David P. Boegers, Acting
Secretary, 888 First St, NE, Room 1A, Washington, DC
20426.  Contact Marty Visnosky of the Keystone Action
Network at 814-459-5201.

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