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Lake Superior Water Diversion Permit

	Great Lakes Contacts:

	Rochelle and I have been gathering information on the permit issued by
Ontario to the NOVA group to ship 600 million liters of Lake Superior water
per year to markets in Asia (as are many of you, I am sure).  We will
provide periodic updates as information comes in, and would appreciate it
if you could share any information you gather with us.  I received the
following information from John Jackson, the President of Great Lakes United.

"This issue has received amazing media attention all across Canada over the
past week.  It also has been a major issue during question period in both
the federal and provincial legislatures.

On the legal front, the latest happenings are:

1)  Federal:  Foreign Affairs Minister Lloyd Axworthy has said that they
will be examining legislation to prevent/control water exports.  For
example, they are looking at declaring water a controlled export that would
require a permit under the federal Export and Import Permits Act.

2)  Provincial:  Environment Minister Sterling sent a letter to Axworthy on
May 4 expressing his concern about water exports and saying that this is a
federal matter.  He also says in the letter that he wants the Great Lakes
Charter reviewed concerning "the consultation provisions and the current
trigger mechanisms."  Sterling and Axworthy are meeting today to discuss
options to stop this water export.

3)  Nova Group:  Nova announced yesterday that it will surrender its water
taking permit if the federal government, Ontario, and the U.S. get together
to put together a joint ban on Great Lakes water exports."

	We are trying to pull together a possible Great Lakes Task Force response
to the issue.  If you have ideas for the most effective approach, please
contact me at 202-544-5200, or Rochelle at 202-224-4229.

	Allegra Cangelosi