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Nature Conservancy Job Opportunity

The following is another exciting job opportunity at The Nature
Conservancy's Great Lakes Program in Chicago, IL.  Interested candidates
should send resume and cover letter to Helen Taylor at the address



Title:   Conservation Planning Assistant
Supervisor:  Director, Great Lakes Program
Location:  Chicago, Illinois
Preparer:  Helen Taylor
Date Prepared:   28 April 1998

Summary of Position

The Nature Conservancy is designing a portfolio of conservation sites to
provide long-term protection for all native plant communities and
vulnerable species in the Great Lakes Ecoregion.  The Great Lakes
Program Office will lead and support Conservancy state chapters and
regional and local partners in designing and implementing this regional
vision for biodiversity conservation.  The Conservation Planning
Assistant will work with the Conservation Planning Biologist, and TNC
and Heritage scientists and other experts to assemble information, set
objectives for conservation targets, identify priority areas for their
protection, and assess protection needs.  This position is supervised by
the Director, and will last from June 1 to October 31.


1.  Assemble comprehensive regional information on the vulnerable
species and natural communities of the Great Lakes Ecoregion; identify
key data gaps and develop strategies to address them.

2.  Assist  TNC and Heritage biologists in analyzing this regional data
to identify conservation priorities, assess their viability
requirements, set objectives for their regional conservation, and
identify sites that will best sustain them;  organize and summarize this
information for effective presentation and use in site selection

3.  Assist the Science Director and others in organizing and conducting
a series of workshops to design the portfolio of Great Lakes
conservation sites that will protect identified conservation targets;
compile and summarize the results of these meetings, and document the
process used and decisions made.

4.  Participate in and provide support for other science related
activities of the Great Lakes Program.


1.  Advanced degree in ecology, biology or related field (specialization
in wildlife/zoology or plant ecology preferred), with at least 2 years
of work experience in applied conservation science; familiarity with
state natural heritage programs and the use of heritage data preferred.

2.  Familiarity with the geography and ecology of the Great Lakes
region, including field experience.

3.  Experience and demonstrated proficiency in organizing information,
managing time and projects efficiently and achieving results on
4.  Excellent communication and team building skills, including the
ability to engage cooperation from other biologists and work
collaboratively toward shared objectives; demonstrated ability to write
and speak clearly and effectively;  experience with meeting management
and project planning desirable.

5.  Proficiency with database management, spreadsheet, presentation and
word processing software; familiarity with ARC/Info an asset.

6.  A commitment to the mission of The Nature Conservancy and to the
conservation of Great Lakes biodiversity.

Submit applications to:

Helen Taylor, Director
The Nature Conservancy - Great Lakes Program
8 S. Michigan Ave., Suite 2301
Chicago, IL  60603
FAX:  312-759-8409

Application deadline:   May 30 or until filled



Keith Monzingo,
Conservation Systems Specialist

The Nature Conservancy
Great Lakes Program
8 South Michigan Avenue - Suite 2301
Chicago, IL  60603
phone:   (312)759-8017
fax:     (312)759-8409

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