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Michigan Student Wins Jr. Duck Stamp Design Contest

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Michigan Student Wins Top Honors in Federal Junior Duck Stamp Design
Erik Peterson of Dearborn Heights, Michigan, took first prize in 
the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Contest sponsored by the U.S. Fish 
and Wildlife Service.
Peterson, 18, won with an acrylic painting of an American black 
duck.  A student at Catholic Central High School in Detroit, he 
placed second in last year's contest.  His design will become the 
1998-99 Federal Junior Duck Stamp, which is sold by the Service's 
Federal Duck Stamp Office to stamp collectors and conservationists.
Second place this year went to Rebecca Latham, 18, of Hastings, 
Minnesota, for her acrylic painting of redheads.  Rebecca is a 
home-schooled student whose mother, Karen, owns Nature's Palette, 
an art gallery in Hastings.  A watercolor of American black ducks 
by Sara Hitz, 18, of Jonestown, Pennsylvania, took third place. 
Sara is a student at Lebanon Career and Technology Center in 
nearby Lebanon, Pennsylvania.
Every state, as well as the District of Columbia, participated in 
the Junior Duck Stamp Conservation and Design Contest during the 
past year.  Modeled after the Service's Federal Duck Stamp art 
competition, the Junior Duck Stamp Design Contest is part of an 
innovative educational curriculum that teaches youngsters in 
grades K-12 about wetlands and waterfowl conservation.
Creating the Junior Duck Stamp design is a major part of the year 
long Junior Duck Stamp curriculum used by educators in their 
classrooms.  Each state sends Junior Duck Stamp design entries to 
a designated point where they are judged by a group of people 
active in the local wildlife art or conservation community.
State "Best of Show" winning designs are sent to Washington, 
D.C., where three national winners are chosen by a panel of five 
judges.  Judges in this year's contest were Rick Coleman, chief 
of the Service's Division of Refuges; Larry Mellinger, of the 
Interior Department's Office of the Solicitor; Scott Sutherland, 
director of governmental affairs for Ducks Unlimited; Len 
Buckley, a design foreman with the federal Bureau of Engraving 
and Printing; and Jim O'Donnell, a museum specialist with the 
Smithsonian Institution's National Postal Museum.
The top three Junior Duck Stamp Contest winners receive a free 
trip to Washington, D.C., along with their art teachers and one 
of their parents, the following November to be honored at the 
Federal Duck Stamp Contest.  The first-place winner also receives 
a $2,500 scholarship award.
For more information on the Federal Junior Duck Stamp 
Conservation Program and Design Contest, contact Program Manager 
Margaret Wendy, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Federal Duck 
Stamp Office, 1849 C Street, NW, Room 2058, Washington, DC 
20240; telephone: 202-208-4354.
May 1, 1998                         
Rachel F. Levin  202-208-5631
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