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GL Sea Grant CoastWatch - A Regional Perspective

Posted on behalf of Carol Swinehart <swinehar@msue.msu.edu>


Dear GLIN-Announce Subscribers:

A couple weeks ago you received a message from Minnesota Sea Grant
describing several aspects of the Great Lakes Sea Grant CoastWatch site.
The following provides a more comprehensive description of the site, as
well as contacts in participating Great Lakes Sea Grant programs.  I
hope you find this information useful, too.  If you have questions,
please contact one of the individuals listed in the message.  

CAROL Y. SWINEHART                PHONE/VOICE MAIL:  (517) 353-9723
COMMUNICATION SPECIALIST          FAX:  (517) 353-6496
MICHIGAN SEA GRANT EXTENSION      E-MAIL:  swinehar@msue.msu.edu
334 Natural Resources Building    www.msue.msu.edu/seagrant/
Michigan State University               Great Lakes -- Great Ideas!
East Lansing, MI  48824-1222  


Sea Grant's CoastWatch WWW Site Has Great Lakes Temperature Information 
With just a few clicks of a computer mouse, interested people can get
the latest available Great Lakes surface water temperature information
in an easy-to-understand graphic image on their monitor.  It's at the
Sea Grant CoastWatch site on the World Wide Web--www.coastwatch.msu.edu.

The CoastWatch site shows temperatures of all the Great Lakes--Superior,
Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontario.  It captures daily NOAA (National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) satellite transmissions and
presents the most current information as contour lines called isotherms
on 5 lakewide, 16 regional and 42 port maps.  

This information is important to anglers and commercial fishing
operations for predicting where fish are likely to congregate and to
educators and students for numerous applications including limnology and
map studies.

The site also features a help page that includes frequently asked
quetions, fishery information and map terminology, a Sea Grant Extension
office locator map, plus links to several other Great Lakes Web sites.  
Michigan Sea Grant developed Sea Grant CoastWatch in cooperation with
the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Great Lakes
Environmental Research Laboratory, Michigan State University's
Agriculture and Natural Resources Computer Services and Institute of
Water Research, and with the support and assistance of user groups such
as the Michigan Charter Boat Association.  Sea Grant programs in
Minnesota, Illinois-Indiana, Ohio and New York are now participating,

Chuck Pistis, Michigan Sea Grant Extension agent in southwestern
Michigan, says the site has many uses.  "Surface temperatures change
quickly with changing weather and winds, so CoastWatch saves time and
fuel for anglers searching for temperature breaks.  It can also be used
as a real-time teaching tool for science classes."

For more information, contact a participating Sea Grant program:

Illinois/Indiana - Brian Miller (765) 494-3573,

Michigan - Chuck Pistis (616) 846-8250, pistis@msue.msu.edu;

Minnesota - Jeff Gunderson (218) 726-8715, jgunderson@extension.umn.edu;

Ohio - Frank Lichtkoppler (216) 350-2582, lake@agvax2.ag.ohio-state.edu;

New York - Dave MacNeill (716) 395-2638, dmacneil@cce.cornell.edu.

Questions about the technical aspects of the site should be directed to:
Mike Klepinger (517) 353-5508, klep@pilot.msu.edu.

CoastWatch Views by Lake, Region, and Port

Western: Duluth, MN; Beaver Bay, MN; Grand Marais, MN; Ontonagon, MI
Central:  Isle Royale, MI;  Keweenaw Peninsula, MI;  Keweenaw Bay, MI;
Marquette, MI
Eastern:  Grand Marais, MI;  Whitefish Bay, MI

Northern: Beaver Island, MI;  Escanaba, MI
North Central: Leland, MI;  Frankfort, MI
Central: Manistee, MI; Ludington, MI;  Pentwater, MI
South Central: Muskegon/Grand Haven, MI;  Holland and Saugatuck, MI
Southern: South Haven, MI; St. Joseph, MI; Michigan City, IN;  Chicago,
IL; Waukegan, IL

Northern: Rogers City, MI;  Alpena, MI
Central: Oscoda, MI
Southern: Saginaw Bay, MI;  Harbor Beach, MI;  Port Huron, MI

Western:  Monroe, MI/Toledo, OH;  Sandusky, OH;  Black River, OH
Central:  Cleveland East, OH;  Ashtabula, OH
Eastern:  Erie, PA;  Evangola, NY

Western:  Niagara River to Olcott, NY;  Oak Orchard to Point Breeze, NY
Eastern:  Braddock Bay to Pultneyville, NY; Sodus Bay to Mexico Bay, NY;
Henderson Harbor to Cape Vincent, NY