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Army Corps of Engineers Reorganization

     General Van Winkle and Mr. Dwight Beranek of the Army Corps of 
     Engineers met with Great Lakes staff on the Hill last Thursday about 
     the current plans to implement the functional integration of the 
     Chicago and Cincinnati headquarters of the Great Lakes and Ohio River 
     Division of the Army Corps of Engineers.  Highlights follow:
     The Administration recognizes the following key functions which must 
     be maintained in the Chicago office:
        technical epertise for 
                dredging operations
                Soo Locks
                species issues (invasive species work)
                contaminated sediments 
                environmental/water quality
        Secretariat for the IJC Control Boards
        Communications interface
                Liaison to Great Lakes Commission, RAPs, etc
                Interface with Congress
                Interface with EPA Region V, FEMA, etc.
                Interface with IJC
     The Administration plans to consolidate the following functions in 
        Administrative support
        Legal staff
        Account executives
        Program Management
     Staffing for Chicago would be:
        1) Full Colonel (with dual responsibilities for the Chicago         
        2) GS 15 - Civilian
        3) Staff - downsized to 12-15 over 3 years (some transfered to      
     Staffing for Cincinnati would be:
        1) BdgGeneral
        2) 2 Senior Executives
                a) Program Manager
                b) Technical Functions
        3) Staff - downsized to approximately 65 over 3 years
     Mr. Beranek noted that many technical support functions (and 
     personnel) will be moved to the district level.  
     Feedback on this preliminary plan is requested from any members of the
     Great Lakes community who interact with the Army Corps of Engineers.  
     I will summarize all feedback to the group and communicate to Senate and   
     House Great Lakes staff.  Please indicate with any responses whether or 
     not your name should be associated with comments.

        Rochelle Sturtevant
        Coordinator, Senate Great Lakes Task Force