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                               May 18, 1998

                  Calendar of Environmental Meetings,
                 Workshops, Symposia and Conferences
                              (* new listings)

                                  - 1998 -

*  May 11-21 - The Environment: The Clean-up and reuse of Brownfields,
sponsored by the Association for International Practical Training
(AIPT), in Seattle, WA.   POC:  http://aipt.org/environment.html or email

May 16-20 - QSAR 98 -- 8th International Workshop on Quantitative
Structure-Activity Relationships (QSARs) in the Environment, theme:
"User-Friendly Applications of QSARs to Predict Endocrine Disruption and
Environmental/Health Effects", sponsored by Society of Environmental
Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), in Baltimore, MD.   POC:
schiefer@setac.org,  http://www.setac.org.

May 18-22 - 41st Annual Conference on Great Lakes Research, sponsored by
the International Association for Great Lakes Research, in Hamilton,
Ontario.  POC: iaglrbus@ismi.net

* May 21-22 - Environmental Protection in the Great Lakes, First Annual
Conference on Great Lakes Law, Science and Policy, hosted by the Legal
Institute of the Great Lakes, in Toledo, OH.  POC: 419-321-5139

May 26-27 - Scientific Advisory Committee Meeting of the Hazardous
Substance Research Center/South & Southwest, National Academy of
Sciences, in Washington DC (in conjunction with the National Research
Council Symposium on Remediation of Contaminated Sediments).  POC:

May 27-29 - National  Symposium on Remediation of Contaminated
Sediments, sponsored by National Academy of Sciences, in Washington DC.
POC: rgillum@nas.edu

May 27-30 - Seventh International Symposium on Society and Natural
Resource Management, in Columbia, MO, POC: Sandy Rikoon (Rural
Sociology), ssrsjsr@muccmail.missouri.edu  or Charlie Nilon (Fisheries &
Wildlife), snrnilon@mizzou1.missouri.edu

June 1-5 - Hazardous, Toxic and Radioactive Waste Process Design
Workshop, sponsored by USACE, in Omaha, NE.  POC:

*  June 2 - Mid-Continent Regional Coal Symposium, sponsored by the
Office of Surface Mining, Department of Interior, in St. Louis, MO.  POC:

June 2-4 - Corps' Biennial Water Quality Seminar, in Kansas City, MO.
POC: Jackie Augur 816-983-3487

June 3-6 - Who Owns America? II: How Land and Natural Resources are
Owned and Controlled, organized by Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, sponsored
by Ford Foundation, Kellogg Foundation, et al., in Madison, WI.  POC: ltc-

June 5-7 - Annual General Meeting, Great Lakes United, in Milwaukee, WI.
POC: glu@igc.apc.org

June 6-10 - 25th Annual Conference on Water Resources Planning and
Management, sponsored by American Society of Civil Engineers, in Chicago,
IL.  POC: 800-548-2723

June 6-10 - 1998 National Conference on Environmental Engineering, in
Chicago, IL.  POC: Dr. Cecil Lue-Hing, 312-751-5190.

June 7-22 - Applied Environmental Problem-Solving, a program for faculty
at colleges and universities sponsored by Great Lakes Research Consortium
and the national Science Foundation, at Oswego, NY.  POC:

June 8-12 - From the Tundra to the Sea; Society of Wetland Scientists 19th
Annual Meeting, in Anchorage Alaska.  POC: tbrock@ptialaska.net URL:

*  June 9-11 - Workshop on Deposition of Persistent, Bioaccumulative
Toxic Compounds to the Great Waters, sponsored by USEPA, in Chicago,
IL.  POC: Angela Bandemehr, 312- 886-6858.

*  June 10 -  The Forgotten Lake?  Lake Huron Watershed Conference,
sponsored by the Michigan DEQ, DNR, Department of Agriculture and
Office of the Great Lakes, at Saginaw Valley State University.  POC:

June 11-12 -  Natural Areas Management Planning Conference, hosted by
Carroll College, in Waukesha, WI.  POC: NAMPC@carroll1.cc.edu

*  June 21-26 - Water Quality International Conference, in Vancouver, BC.
POC: 604-681-5226

June 28-July 2 - World Dredging Congress, WODCON XV, in Las Vegas,
NV.  POC: Larry Patella, 503-285-5521

July 8-10 - Great Lakes-St. Lawrence Mayors' Conference, in Windsor,
Ontario.  POC: sthorp@glc.org

July 20-21 - Workshop on natural coastal hazards of flooding and erosion in
the Great Lakes, in Milwaukee, WI. POC: jkeillor@seagrant.wisc.edu

July 23-24 - Workshop on natural coastal hazards of flooding and erosion in
the Great Lakes, in Superior, WI.  POC: jkeillor@seagrant.wisc.edu

July 28-31 - Dredged Material Assessment and Management Seminar,
sponsored by USACE and USEPA, in Buffalo, NY.  POC:

July 29-31 - A National Symposium to Bring Together Ecosystem
Restoration Practitioners and Researchers, sponsored by USEPA, in
Baltimore MD.   POC:  lisa.k.kulujian@cpmx.saic.com

July 30 - Binational Executive Committee meeting, in Chicago, IL.  POC:

*  August 13-14 - Great Lakes Regional Pollution Prevention Roundtable
meeting, in Buffalo, NY.  POC: merrifld@wmrc.hazard.uiuc.edu

August 17-20 - Modeling and Measuring the Vulnerability of Ecosystems at
Regional Scales for Use in Ecological Risk Assessment and Risk
Management, sponsored by Society of Environmental Toxicology and
Chemistry (SETAC), American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Committee E47, and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) in
Seattle, WA.   POC: schiefer@setac.org,  http://www.setac.org.

* August 24-28 - Meeting on Water Quality Standards, Criteria and
Implementation, Including Water Quality-Based Permitting, sponsored by
USEPA, in Philadelphia, PA.  POC: mrm98@cadmusgroup.com

September 15-16 - Beneficial Use of Dredged Material: A Regional
Workshop for the Great Lakes, sponsored by the Great Lakes Dredging
Team, in Toledo, OH.  POC: sthorp@glc.org

September 16-17 - Sixth Meeting of Great Lakes Dredging Team, in Toledo,
OH.   POC: sthorp@glc.org

September 16-18 - Keeping It On the Land...and Out of the Water: Soil
Erosion and Sediment Control Techniques for the Great Lakes Basin,
sponsored by the Great Lakes Commission, Ohio DNR, USEPA, NRCS, and
NACD, in Toledo, OH.  POC: tcrane@glc.org

September 25-26 - Areas of Concern Workshop: Transferring Successful
Strategies and Techniques, sponsored by the International Joint
Commission, in Hammond, IN.  POC: kirschnerb@ijc.wincom.net

October 19-20 - Annual Meeting of Great Lakes Commission, in Buffalo, NY.
POC: mdonahue@glc.org

October 21-23 - State of the Lakes Ecosystem Conference (SOLEC),
sponsored by USEPA and Environment Canada, in Buffalo, NY.  POC:

November 10-13 - 18th International Symposium of North American Lake
Management Society (NALMS), in Banff Springs, Alberta.  CALL FOR
PAPERS until May 1, 1998.  POC: kotak@compusmart.ab.ca

November 16-18 - Midwest Natural Resources Group Roundtable and
Meeting, in Lake Geneva, WI.  POC: perrecone.john@epamail.epa.gov

* November 15-19 - 1998 Annual Conference on Water Resources, sponsored
by the American Water Resources Association, in Point Clear, AL, CALL
FOR ABSTRACTS until June 1, 1998.  POC: 703-904-1225

*  November 16-18 -  National Pollution Prevention Roundtable Meeting, in
Hot Springs, AR.  POC: michelerusso@compuserve.com

                                 - 1999 -

March 21-25 - 217th National Meeting, American Chemical Society, in
Anaheim, CA.  CALL FOR PAPERS until 1 Nov 98.  POC:

June 20-24 - 4th International Symposium on Coastal Engineering and
Science of Coastal Sediment Processes, in Long Island, NY.   POC:

September 13-17 - 8th International Symposium on the Interactions Between
Sediments and Water, sponsored by the International Association for
Sediment Water Science, in Beijing, China.  CALL FOR PAPERS until 1
Nov 98.  POC: jsc@urbanms.urban.pku.edu.cn

*  July 24-20 - Coastal Zone '99, sponsored by NOAA, in San Diego, CA.
CALL FOR PAPERS until August 1, 1998.   POC:

                                 - 2000 -

*  February 23-26 - Wolves: A Global Symposium, hosted by the
International Wolf Center and the University of Minnesota-Duluth, in
Duluth MN.  POC: merickso@d.umn.edu

This calendar is an unofficial compilation of environmental meetings,
seminars, conferences, workshops, and symposia distributed over email
monthly by the Corps of Engineers, Great Lakes & Ohio River Division.  If
you have an event to be listed, or want to be added to the distribution, send a
message to: jan.a.miller@usace.army.mil

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