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CenCITT Workshop Announcement

Posted on behalf of John L. Bulloch <jlbulloc@mtu.edu>

The National Center for Clean Industrial and Treatment Technologies
(CenCITT) is sponsoring a workshop titled "Environmentally Conscious
Decision Making to Achieve Greener Chemical Manufacturing Processes." 
The workshop will be held July 9 & 10, 1998 in Madison, Wisconsin at the
University of Wisconsin-Madison Engineering and Professional Development

The workshop will introduce attendees to several tools for identifying,
simulating, and comparing process options.  Discussions will involve
tools for the design of new chemical manufacturing facilities as well as
tools for modifying/optimizing plants already in operation. The workshop
will focus on current engineering methods and tools available to aid
engineers in making environmentally conscious decisions in chemical
manufacturing processes.  Case studies will be presented to show the
utility of the tools introduced at the workshop.

Additional information including the workshop agenda and registration
information is available on the web at http://cpas.mtu.edu/madison98. 
If you have any questions or desire additional information, please feel
free to contact Jim Baker, at (906)487-3143 (email: jrbaker@mtu.edu) or
John Bulloch at (906)487-3418 (email: jlbulloc@mtu.edu).