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Great Lakes Research Vessel Inventory

Posted on behalf of Kevin McGunagle <McGunagleK@windsor.ijc.org>

In its most recent report to the International Joint Commission, the
Council of Great Lakes Research Managers identified research vessel
coordination as a major step towards improving the effectiveness of
Great Lakes research. The science and operational aspects of Great Lakes
science vessels has largely been determined by the individual agencies,
universities and institutes involved with Great Lakes research. The
challenge is to match the capabilities of vessels with the requirements
of the science programs. 

To begin this task, NOAA's Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory
(GLERL) has established a Research Vessel Inventory which currently
includes 62 vessels on the Great Lakes.

To view this Inventory, which includes location, characteristics and
contact persons for each vessel, go to http://www.ijc.org/boards/cglr/rv

NOAA Contact for Research Vessel Inventory:

Mike Quigley - (734) 741-2149

Council of Great Lakes Research Managers Contact:

Dave Dolan - (519) 257-6707