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U.S. EPA Ecosystem Restoration Symposium, July 29-31, Baltimore

Posted on behalf of Rob Goldberg <rgoldber@nimbus.ocis.temple.edu>

Ecosystem Restoration: A National Symposium to Bring Together Ecosystem
Restoration Practitioners & Researchers
July 29-31, 1998 - Baltimore Marriott Hotel - Baltimore, Maryland

-- There is no registration fee for this U.S. EPA-sponsored symposium.-- 

To register online, please visit: http://www.epa.gov/ttbnrmrl/
The U.S. EPA's National Risk Management Research Laboratory, in 
cooperation withthe Society for Ecological Restoration, wishes to bring
together ecosystem restorationpractitioners and researchers:

-- to share information and experiences about recent and ongoing 
-- to define the current scope of ecosystem restoration research, 
-- and to form partnerships for future restoration activities. 

The Symposium will provide information about:
-- major research programs
-- research findings practitioners can use to restore damaged
-- field experiences researchers can use to focus their research, 
   and ecoregion-specific techniques.

Who Should Attend:
Ecosystem restoration researchers and practitioners; federal, state, and
local environmental decision-makers and others interested in ecosystem

For more information:
Phone: (800) 783-3870 
Fax:  (703) 698-6101