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GLTF FYI - Senate Energy and Water Appropriations

The Subcommittee on Energy and Water Appropriations marked up on June 2.  Full 
committee markup is scheduled for June 4 (today).

All $'s in millions.
                         GLTF Request   SC Approp.     

Environmental Dredging -  $0             $0
Section 1135 
Project Modifications 
for the Improvement of 
the Environment -         --            $15 million.  

   $6.168 million of the total is earmarked (to AK, FL, NC, NV, and WA).
Section 206 
Aquatic Ecosystem 
Restoration             $6+Language      $6

   $4.225 is earmarked (AK, CA, NV, TN, UT, VT) 
   No language 'directing funds could be used for construction of sea lamprey   
   barriers in coordination with the GLFC.'
Dredging Operations 
Environmental Research 
(DOER) -                $8+language     $8 

   No language 'highlighting the importance of the contaminated 
   sediments component of this program' or 'finishing the CDF study 
   (environmental impacts of existing CDFs)'
Section 515 
(ARCS II)               $2              $0

Duluth Alternative
Technology Project      $0.5            $0
Great Lakes Sediment 
Transport               $1              $0.5 

RAP Assistance          $0.5            $0

Planning Assistance 
to States               --              $7.5
Interagency and 
International Support   $1              $0?
Aquatic Plant Control   $5              $4 million 

   Language was included directing that 'actual control' be given priority over 
Public Facilities R&D
'Zebra mussel' R&D      $2              $0? 
Dispersal barrier at
Chicago Shipping &
Sanitary Canal          $0.5            $0

Soo Locks               $0.5            $0.5 

Rochelle Sturtevant
Senate Great Lakes Task Force

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