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Asbestos Ban Workshop & Demo


>Ban Asbestos!	
>We Can Live Without It!!
>Asbestos is killing tens of thousands of people every year.  The link
>between asbestos and cancer and to serious respiratory disease has been
>well-established. Yet Canada continues to produce and export asbestos and
>asbestos products.  In fact, the Canadian government has been caught
>interfering in efforts to ban asbestos in several European countries.   
>Guest Speaker, Rory O'Neill, Editor of the British Journal Hazards and the
>Worker's Health International Newsletter will give us details about the
>"Dirty Game" being played by the asbestos industry in Canada.  Following
>our discussion, we will "pay a visit" to the office our local member of
>Join us in sending a clear message to the Canadian government:
>			T We need safe alternative products.  
>			T We need safe alternative work. 
>			T We need to ban asbestos and save lives! 						
>Friday, June 19 at 9:30 am
>547 Victoria Avenue
>Windsor, Ontario
>No Charge.  Call 254-5157 or 973-4800 for more information.
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