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Rick Jameson, MUCC Conservationist/Environmentalist, Dies at 48

The Lansing State Journal reports today that Rick Jameson, Executive Director
of the Michigan United Conservation Clubs, died on Saturday of liver cancer.
Jameson was 48 and is survived by his wife, Robbie, and his daughter,
Christina, 16.

Funeral arrangements will be posted on Enviro-Mich when they are known.

In his time at the helm of MUCC, Rick was noted for articulating a new  vision
for MUCC in working on a broader range of environmental issues, approaching
a more diverse range of constituencies to support MUCC's conservation and
environmental priorities, and increasing collaboration between MUCC and
other citizen environmental organizations.

Perhaps Rick's most lasting and far reaching legacy that now touches every 
Michigan citizen was his work earlier in his career for MUCC on the Michigan 
beverage container deposit initiative.

Rick's career and efforts on conservation and environmental issues serves as
an inspiration to all Michigan citizens as an important illustration of the
and leadership of a single individual to affect change in protecting and 
conserving Michigan's outstanding environment and natural resources.    

We will miss his energy, enthusiasm, knowledge and friendship, and extend
our heartfelt sorry at his passing to his family and our colleagues at MUCC.

Alex Sagady

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