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Job: CEC Communications Coordinator


The Secretariat of the Commission for Environmental Cooperation is
seeking candidates to fill the position of Communications Coordinator. 
This experienced professional will develop and implement a dynamic and
strategic communications plan in collaboration with other professionals
at the Secretariat, and with the input of government officials in
Canada, Mexico and the United States, as well as interested parties in
non-governmental sectors.

 The successful applicant will be expected to serve as the CEC
Secretariat spokesperson, develop a strong institutional profile and
coordinate media outreach in Canada, Mexico and the United States. 
Working closely with the Executive Director and program managers, the
successful applicant will also develop outreach plans to promote greater
information dissemination and public participation in CEC programs.

 Specifically, the Communications Coordinator is responsible for:
 *MEDIA OUTREACH:  Includes responding to media inquiries about the CEC;
acting as spokesperson for the CEC Secretariat; developing and
maintaining relationships with journalists interested in the issues
related to the CEC work program; maintaining and refining a trinational
database of journalists interested in environment and/or environment and
trade issues; writing and disseminating press releases related to CEC
events, new "products" or program achievements; collaborating with
government officials to produce annual CEC Council meeting
documentation, including a "communique"; organize and manage press
conferences at annual CEC Council meeting and key CEC program events.

*MEDIA TRACKING:  Includes informing staff of trends in environmental
media coverage in the three NAFTA countries; keeping staff supplied with
regular "media packages" -clippings from newspapers and other media
sources; maintaining comprehensive clipping file of all print, radio and
television coverage of the CEC; responding, when necessary, to
misinformation reported by either electronic or print media.

 *PUBLIC OUTREACH:  Includes full responsibility for the content of
EcoRegion, the CEC newsletter; full responsibility for the content of
the CEC Website, which includes press releases, a CEC activities
calendar and the full-text of all CEC publications;  monitoring
electronic list-serves (including CECNet); posting CEC information on
electronic list-serves and other electronic fora; working closely with
CEC program managers to develop outreach tools (such as project
bulletins, displays, editorials) for specific projects; collaborate
with CEC staff and other CEC-related bodies to develop meaningful public
meetings and forums.

 *MARKETING:  Includes creation of marketing and dissemination plans for
key publications and general publication marketing tools such as the
publications catalogue; participation in or supervise the writing and
development of key outreach publications, such as the annual report and
information brochures; write and/or edit prefaces and/or introductions
and forewords in publications on behalf of the Executive Director;
collaborate closely with the publications team to ensure that CEC
"messages" are reflected in CEC publications.

 *INFORMATION ACCESS:  Includes collaborating closely with CEC
information center professionals to ensure that public needs are being
met for high-quality, trinational environmental information;  contribute
to the decisionmaking process for the acquisition of new technology and
information resources to further the CEC's goal to be an information
clearinghouse;  promote and encourage the CEC to utilize the latest
technologies to disseminate its information and inform the public of its
The position is open to candidates who fulfill the following
 *Substantial experience, minimum of 10 years, in communications and/or
journalism.  Ideal candidate has experience working in international
organizations, and has a substansive background and interest in
environmental issues.  Knowledge of the NAFTA context and/or the trade
aspect of environmental issues would also be highly desired.
 *A degree or studies at a recognized university related to
communications and/or journalism;
 *Strong understanding of environmental issues;
 *Outstanding writing, speaking and interpersonal skills.
 *Experience in managing or supervising staff, a budget and outside
contractors.  Ideal candidate has demonstrated skills in working in a
cross-cultural environment.
 *Fluency in at least two of the CEC official languages (French, Spanish
and English) and knowlege of the third.
 *Experience on the Internet and in the use of computers and
computer-based systems also highly desirable.

 Please submit your resume by July 15, 1998.
 Manuel Pacheco Administrator Commission for Environmental Cooperation
393 St-Jacques West, Suite 200 Montreal, Quebec  Canada H2Y 1N9 e-mail: